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Towel Rails

Heated towel rails and radiators have come into the bathroom market and made a big impact. They have almost become a bathroom necessity and are used to warm towels and bathroom areas; especially in winter season when everyone wants a warm towel after a shower. Heated towel rails take no longer than 10 minutes to warm your bathroom and towels. We have been selling heated towel rails for a long time and our experience has given us ability to deliver high quality products at the lowest price. We offer a wide range of styles and sizes to suit all tastes. If you can't find what you're looking for please contact our customer service team.

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    Sun House Electric Towel Warmer


    £38.99 Ex VAT £46.79 Inc VAT

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    Winterheat Electric Towel Rail

    £23.00 Ex VAT £27.60 INC VAT
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    Heatec Towel Rail Chrome Straight Standard


    £60.06 Ex VAT £72.07 Inc VAT

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    Premier Towel Radiators Black Straight Dual Fuel

    £109.45 Ex VAT £131.34 INC VAT
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    Towel Rails - RT

    £36.50 Ex VAT £43.80 INC VAT
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    Premier Square Towel Rails Dual Fuel

    £171.37 Ex VAT £205.64 INC VAT
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    Nemo Towel Rail

    £101.30 Ex VAT £121.56 INC VAT
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    Cove Heated Towel Rail

    £120.96 Ex VAT £145.15 INC VAT
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    Utopia Polished Stainless Steel Towel Rail

    £123.48 Ex VAT £148.18 INC VAT

Towel radiators can be a godsend, especially if you live in a colder climate. For those long winter months, a heated towel rail will ensure a warm fluffy towel is always available after your shower or bath. We carry an extensive selection of affordable brand name towel radiators to suit every style and budget. You’ll find everything from standard electric or oil filled radiators to fancy designer towel radiators from leading brands such as Apollo , Dimplex , Delonghi , DQ , Premier , Hamilton , and Prestige.

Why use heated towel rails?

Warming Towels After a Shower or Bath

Our high-quality towel radiators will not only add elegance to your bathroom, they are also very functional. The majority of our customers purchase towel radiators to keep their towels warm and dry after taking a bath or shower. There is nothing quite like the feel of wrapping yourself up in a warm toasty towel that has been heated by a towel rail. Make sure to install a towel rail in every bathroom in your home so no one will ever have to face a cold towel again.

Dry Delicates

Did you know that you can also use our elegant towel radiators to dry your delicate or hand washable items? Using a regular dryer for your lingerie, pantyhose or beaded sweaters can damage them and reduce their lifespan. You certainly don’t want to put your grandmother’s delicate linen handkerchiefs or tablecloths in your dryer if you plan to pass them on to your children. Bathing suits can also be easily damaged when they are placed in a regular dryer time and time again. Fortunately, drying them over a heated towel rail is a much safer alternative that will leave your delicates looking brand new!

Dry Winter Items

If you are constantly filling your dryer with an armload of soggy, cold winter mittens, hats, scarves or socks, why not purchase one of our towel radiators? They will dry quickly which frees up your dryer for other items. You can even use a towel rail to keep a winter coat toasty warm.

Another advantage is the fact that a Heated Towel Rails or towel radiators will keep your clothing free of mold and mildew! It will be much easier to ask your children to place their wet winter clothing on a towel rail, rather than place them in a dryer.

Reduce Dampness in Bathrooms

Towel radiators are also great for reducing the amount of dampness in a bathroom, especially one that is poorly ventilated. They generate enough heat to prevent the mildew that can often form in bathrooms that are continuously damp and cold.