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Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters are made to heat small areas like cupboards, loft green houses, garage and sheds. These are very small sized heaters different from all other kinds of heaters. The benefit of these heaters is they can be interlinked while more heat is needed in surrounding areas. You can even use them in animal enclosures.
Tubular Heaters FAQs
Can you install tubular heaters on the floor!

Yes tubular heaters can be installed on a floor space using the fixing brackets supplied; they are not to be placed directly on the floor without the brackets natural air circulation must be able to circulate under and over the tube!

What are the most popular tubular heaters you stock!

The most popular tubular heater are the Hylite Slimline Eco Tube Heaters Thermostatic, this is mainly because they are more Slimline than other ranges and have an inbuilt thermostatic control. The guard for this tubular heater is also Slimline and has a special cut out at the front of the mesh grill so you can control the thermostat without having to remove the guard, please call our sales team for more advise on tubular heaters 0844 884 2900!

Can I use tubular heaters to dry cloths like socks and smalls like underwear!

No the tubes are not designed for drying cloths on and should never be covered by clothing even with guard fitted, the face temperature of the tubes get very hot and would simply burn clothing with a risk of causing a fire. Tubular heaters rely on natural air circulation to distribute the heat evenly, please call our sales team for more advise on tubular heaters 0844 884 2900!

Are tubular heaters safe to use in lofts to protect water pipes from freezing!

Yes they are ideal for loft spaces, best to install the tube below the water pipes if you can and make sure they are protected with a guard to prevent anything from falling or landing of the face on the tube as they get very hot!

Can tubular heaters be used outdoors!

Tubular heater can be used in outbuildings like Greenhouses, Garages, Cloakrooms, Offices, Workshops, Conservatories, Spare Rooms, Sheds, Boats, Toilets, Villas, Airing cupboards, Pet enclosures, Utility rooms, Porches, Wardrobes, Caravans, Offices, and Lofts; however they should not be used directly outside!

What are the sizes of tubular heater you supply!

We have a massive range of different sizes and brands in stock, 1ft, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft, also 500mm, 1000mm, and 1500mm!

How long are the tubular heater power cables!

The tubes that are pre-fitted with power cables and plugs are roughly 1.5m = 5ft in length, however we also have a range of tubular heaters that have no leads fitted and we can make any length you require or just supply the tube on its own, please call our sales team for more advise on tubular heaters 0844 884 2900.

Do you have heaters that are suitable for use in wardrobes as a heater/dehumidifier!

Yes tube heaters are suitable for wardrobes but you will also need the guard to fit over them as they get very hot to touch!

Can you join tubular heater together in series!

Yes you can join the thermo tube range together with a maximum of two tubes together using the TBX2 linking kits. Do not join more than two tubular heaters together as they will not work efficiently and they will burn the elements out very quickly, please call our sales team for more advise on tubular heaters 0844 884 2900!

What power tubular heater do I need for a small cupboard!

As a rule of thumb you will need 90watts per square meter of floor space, we have 1ft tubes that use 45W of power up to the 6ft tubes using 360W of power, please call our sales team for more advise on tubular heaters 0844 884 2900!

Do you have a tubular heater with thermostatic control!

Yes we have a new range of tubular heaters called the Hylite thermostatic tubular heaters that have an inbuilt thermostatic control; we are the only online supplier of these tubes!

How much do tube heaters cost to run!

Tubular heaters are very energy efficient for example a 1ft tube with power consumption of 60W, if left switched on all week would cost £0.62p based on a tariff of 10p per kw/hr, please call our sales team for more advise on tubular heaters 0844 884 2900!

What do I need the tubular heater guard for!

Tubular heaters get very hot to touch >60C, therefore guards must be used if the tubular heater is fitted in wardrobes or where anyone or anything could fall on or come into contact with the hot surface of the tube!

Can I use a tubular heater for my bird aviary outside!

Yes they are ideal for many pet enclosures like aviaries, dog kennels, horse enclosures, rabbit hutches, chicken hutches eta, as long as they have a protective guard covering them and not open to direct weather conditions!

Can I use tubular heaters to warm my snooker table slate bed!

Yes we have supplied many tubular heaters to professional snooker players that want a cheaper option to heat the slate bed; The desired temperature of a snooker table - slate bed is in the region of 25-30Celcius (77-86F) this helps to keep the moisture out of the cloth and more importantly to reduce friction in the table to aid the balls rolling and rebounding in a consistent manner, and generally makes a table play faster. To heat a full sized snooker table you would need 4 x 3ft thermo tubes (made from Aluminium), placed underneath and fixed horizontally e.g. pocket to pocket, equally spaced along the table. Two tubes can be connected together in series so you would need two power supplies, total 720watts. They are only needed for a short period of time especially in winter when rooms are more likely to be cold and damp!

What I want to do is try and keep the temp as even as possible in my small cupboard for hanging coats eta, so would your Hylite Slimline Eco Tube Heaters Thermostatic do the job!

Yes the Hylite Slimline Eco Tube Heaters Thermostatic will keep an even temperature in your cupboard space using the inbuilt thermostatic controller, but I would recommend covering the tube heater with a guard when coats or cloths could possibly fall on the tube heater!

Do you have greenhouse tubular heaters!

Yes we have the Hylite Greenhouse Tube Heaters in 2ft and 4ft sizes; they are finished in green; however all our tubes can be used in outbuildings, please call our sales team for more advise on tubular heaters 0844 884 2900.!

I want a tubular heater for my greenhouse, are they safe to use if water is sprayed on them!

Yes the waterproof rating of our tubular heaters is IPX4 so they will be protected against splashes of water, to improve the water proof rating by using silicon sealant at the end cap and where the power cable enters the tube. Tubular heaters are not designed to be hosed down but they will certainly withstand sprays of water, please call our sales team for more advise on tubular heaters 0844 884 2900!

I have a 45' x 6"10' narrow boat which has doubled glazed windows. I want to use tubular heaters to avoid the frost damage I experienced last year but don't know what size or wattage I should get. Can you advise me please?

"Yes the tube heaters are what you need as they are low cost, low energy; you will need 90watts for every square meter, you can connect two tubes max in series, not sure what space you have but if you work to 90watts per sqm you will be fine!"

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    Thermotube Tubular Heater

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    Sunhouse Thermostatic Tube Heater

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    Sunhouse Tube Heater With Fitted Plug


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    Dimplex Tube Heater

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    Thermotube Tubular Heater Guard

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    Sun House Tube Heater Guard

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    Thermotube Double Linking kit Gland / Clamp Bush

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    Ecoheater Slimline Greenhouse and Shed Heater

    £20.39 Ex VAT £24.47 INC VAT
  • Sunhouse Tubular Heater Linking Kit

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    Hylite Slimline Eco Heater Guards

    £15.29 Ex VAT £18.35 INC VAT
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    Hylite Slimline Eco Tube Heaters Thermostatic

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    Heatec Finn Electric Steel Radiators

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    Heatec Finn Central Heating System Radiator

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Tube heaters have been used for many years in the UK and can be installed virtually anywhere. The most popular areas that tubular heaters are used are, Greenhouses, Garages, Cloakrooms, Offices, Workshops, Lofts, Conservatories, Spare Rooms, Sheds, Boats, Toilets, Villa's, Airing Cupboards, all types of Pet Enclosures, Aviaries, Reptile enclosures, Utility Room, Porches, Wardrobes, Caravans, Mobile homes the list is endless!

Tubular heaters are extremely versatile, fitted with brackets they can be wall or floor mounted. Tubular heaters are used to help reduce dampness and mold in small spaces and they can also supplement existing domestic or commercial heating systems, offering an economical source of additional heat and frost protection for water pipes or as window de-misters to help prevent condensation. Tubular heaters are WATERPROOF to IP54, very light weight ideal for stud walls they can be installed virtually anywhere in the home or outside buildings. The Hylite Greenhouse Tube Heaters are very popular they blend in with the environment whilst keeping the frost away from your prized plants. Tubular heaters are also very cheap to run a typical 60watt 1ft tube heater will cost less than 0.60p per week if left on 24/7 days a week. A major innovation in low-cost energy efficient tubular heating is the NEW Hylite Slimline Eco Tube Heater; this tube heater is the only tubular heater on the UK market with a patented built-in thermostat so there is no need to purchase a separate thermostat to control the temperature. The Hylite Slimline Eco Tube Heater’s attractive space-saving design makes it suitable for use anywhere in the home, office or outbuildings. An extremely versatile unit, the heater is supplied with brackets for either wall mounting or floor standing and supplied with a push-fit power cable and UK plug!

Tubular heater applications

Tubular heaters have many uses and applications but the main advantages of using a tubular heater are that they keep producing heat constantly and at a very steady controlled pace and in most cases at the same price as a light bulb would cost to run. They are mostly used in small areas as cupboards and wardrobes. People us them to keep the moisture away from clothes, ideal if you have health problems or suffer from Asthma which is one of the most common health effects associated with dampness. Condensation in the home or outbuildings is an unwanted problem as it will cause dampness, mold health issues, wood rot, corrosion and energy loss in the home due to increased heat transfer. Other application may include the use of tubular heaters for radiator water pipes in lofts or outbuildings to stop them from freezing during the winter periods. Tubular heaters have been installed in boat engine compartments whilst they are not in use during the winter months they will produce just enough steady heat to stop pipes from freezing, saving you time and maintenance costs to repair any damage caused by freezing. Tubular heaters are now being widely used for pet enclosures like bespoke Cat and Dog runs, Aviaries and even reptile cages. Tubular heaters have also been used to warm snooker tables slate beds up; this reduces friction on the table and increases the ball speed. A typical 1ft tube will take the chill off an area of 1m square outside enclosure comfortably. Tubular heaters can also be joined together using the interlinking kits for increased heating requirement for larger spaces.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact our friendly team of advisers.