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BL368 Straight Lamps

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BL368 Straight Lamps

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  • BL368 Straight Lamps
  • Suitable for a wide range of Fly Killers and glue board machines


    Our largest selection of replacement bulbs suitable for a wide range of fly killers and fly glue board machines. We have over 28 different sizes to choose from stock and they are available as a standard BL lamp or as a shatter resistant lamp. Basically the shatter resistant lamps will not break up into small pieces if accidentally dropped. This large selection of bayonet type lamps are available in sizes from 6" up to 48". With six different lamp manufacturers you are sure to find the right bulb you require for your fly killer or fly glue board machine. The lamps we supply are quality lamps made by Wemlite, Phillips, Phillips Master, Quantum, Osram and Sylvania.

    Suitable for the following Fly Killers and glue board machines:

  • Compact fly killer machines: 15W, 30W, 66W and the Compact Maxi 80W
  • "T" Range: T35 -15W, T65 -30W, T160 - 60W, T95 - 36W
  • Nano fly killer ranges: H30 - 30W, H72 - 72W
  • Nano Glue Boards: G30, G72
  • Vanquish Glue board ranges: FGVW - 36W
  • Vulcan Glue board range: FGT - 18W
  • Fly Shield range: Fly 1, Fly 2, and Fly 4 Glue boards
  • Glue Boards: GLU 60, GLU 90
  • Fly Check FGC - 15W

Additional Information

Power (kW)No


LS04WX-W4Wemlite6" x ⅝" dia.
LS04WX-P4Philips6" x ⅝" dia.
LS06WX-W6 Wemlite9" x ⅝" dia.
LS08WX-X8 Wemlite12" x ⅝" dia.
LS08WX-O8 Osram12" x ⅝" dia.
LS08WX-S8Sylvania 12" x ⅝" dia.
LS10WX-W10Wemlite13½" x 1" dia.
LS11WX-S11 Sylvania9" x ⅝" dia.
LS16QX-S16Quantum 22" x ⅝" dia.
LS14WX-W14Wemlite12" x ⅝" dia.
LS15WX-W15Wemlite18" x ⅝" dia.
LS15WX-O15Osram18" x 1" dia.
LS15MX-P15Philips (Master)18" x 1" dia.
LS15WX-S15Sylvania18" x 1" dia.
LS15QX-S15Quantum18" x 1" dia.
LS18WX-W18Wemlite24" x 1" dia.
LS18WX-O18Osram24" x 1" dia.
LS18WX-P18Philips24" x 1" dia.
LS18MX-P18Philips (Master)24" x 1" dia.
LS20WX-S20Sylvania24" x 1½" dia.
LS20QX-S20Quantum24" x 1½" dia.
LS25QZ-S25Quantum18" x 1" dia.
LS30WX-P30Philips18" x 1" dia.
LS36WX-W36Wemlite24" x 1" dia.
LS36WX-P36Philips24" x 1" dia.
LS40WX-S40Sylvania24" x 1½" dia.
LS40QX-S40Quantum24" x 1½" dia.
LS39WX-S39Sylvania48" x 1½" dia.


LS04WS-W4Wemlite6" x ⅝" dia.
LS04WS-P4Philips6" x ⅝" dia.
LS06WS-W6Wemlite9" x ⅝" dia.
LS08WS-W8Wemlite12" x ⅝" dia.
LS08WS-O8Osram 12" x ⅝" dia.
LS08WS-SSylvania 12" x ⅝" dia.
LS10WS-W10 Wemlite13½" x 1" dia.
LS11WS-S11 Sylvania9" x ⅝" dia.
LS16QS-S16 Quantum22" x ⅝" dia.
LS14WS-W14 Wemlite12" x ⅝" dia.
LS15WS-W15 Wemlite18" x 1" dia.
LS15WS-O15 Osram 18" x 1" dia.
LS15MS-P15 Philips (Master) 18" x 1" dia.
LS15WS-S15 Sylvania 18" x 1" dia.
LS15QS-S15 Quantum 18" x 1" dia.
LS18WS-W18 Wemlite 24" x 1" dia.
LS18WS-O18 Osram 24" x 1" dia.
LS18WS-P18 Philips 24" x 1" dia.
LS18MS-P18 Philips (Master) 24" x 1" dia.
LS20WS-S20 Sylvania 24" x 1½" dia.
LS20QS-S20 Quantum 24" x 1½" dia.
LS25QS-S25 Quantum 18" x 1" dia.
LS30WS-P30 Philips 18" x 1" dia.
LS36WS-W36 Wemlite 24" x 1" dia.
LS36WS-P36 Philips 24" x 1" dia.
LS40WS-S40 Sylvania 24" x 1½" dia.
LS40QS-S40 Quantum 24" x 1½" dia.
LS39WS-S39 Sylvania 48" x 1½" dia.





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