Beware cluster flies are looking for a place to see out the winter months!
It’s near the end of the season for flying insects however cluster flies are now looking for somewhere to squat, so it’s time to check your loft spaces, nooks and crannies in internal and external building walls for the unwanted cluster fly!

At CNM we sell quality Domestic and Commercial cluster fly killers from the leading manufacturers in the UK.
Eradicating cluster flies is notoriously difficult because they are in great numbers especially after a good and extended warm summer. For the best approach you really need to tackle it from a number of directions.

We would begin by suggesting a measure to prevent flies entering your property, i.e. a door curtain or window screen or have an outdoor bait type trap, as a way of tempting flies away from the property in the first place.

The Red Top Fly Trap is widely used in farms or anywhere there is a fly problem such as near rivers, dykes, fields, woods and animals. Once placed outside away from the infected area or problem the flies will simply be more attracted to the pheromone inside the Red Top Trap. The more flies that become attracted to the Red Top Trap, enhances the catch rate!

The amount of flies then entering the home or area you are trying to protect will have a significant reduction in all types of flies. This reduction in flies will allow any standard fly killer to keep on top of the remaining stragglers, before winter sets in.

However if you have found cluster flies in the home, “usually found in the loft during October time” you can use powders or sprays to eradicate the cluster flies, but this can be a messy process.
Therefore we would advise our customers to purchase a fly killer with a cluster fly tray in order to catch all of the flies, without the associated mess.

For cluster fly problems we have the T35, T65, T80, T100 and T160 fly killer ranges, they are made in the UK and are specially designed for cluster fly problems, ideal and safe for using them in loft spaces or where the infestation of cluster flies are nesting in the home!
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