Here at CNM Online we have been loving the recent spell of hot weather and hope that it is the sign of things to come for the summer. But we aren’t the only ones who love this beautiful weather this is the time of year that flies start making a reappearance after laying dormant in the colder months. Now things are starting to heat up again you will start seeing the emergence of house flies annoying you at home and causing problems for businesses especially in restaurants and the hospitality trade.

House flies have a head that can rotate almost a full circle and with two eyes made up of 4,000 lenses providing them with a wide vision which helps them recognise the slightest of movements and wings that can beat 2-300 times a second, which combined makes these incredibly difficult to catch and get rid of. The female house fly is capable of laying up to 500 eggs in her short lifetime of 30-60 days. Flies are dependant on the warm weather, as it heats up the eggs will hatch between 12 and 24 hours. The warmer it is the quicker they hatch.

So, why are flies such a problem?

Well, aside from being generally annoying, they do some pretty disgusting things like ejecting saliva onto your food to decompose it so that they are able to eat the food. After eating the food they will then defecate every couple of minutes because of the amount of food which they consume. The saliva and feces can pass on some pretty horrible diseases to you, which you really don’t want!! So, it’s important to keep the number of flies under control for the sanitation of food preparation areas

What do I do to get rid of them?

The good news is that there are a variety of ways that you can keep your house free of flies this summer that don’t involve you running around trying to swat them either with a rolled up newspaper, an old fashioned plastic fly swatter or a new tennis racquet shaped swatter which can electrocute them, as much fun as that can be there are more effective ways to get them.

The simple and most obvious way to keep them away is to keep everything clean. A clean home is a good first step against flies. If you eliminate the source of what attracts flies the less likely they are that they will enter your home. Food and material which flies like to lay their eggs on must be removed or covered this will remove breeding areas for flies. Bins and compost bins must be tightly shut so that the flies can not enter to lay their eggs and be cleaned regularly.

Sprays & Aerosols

Insecticide aerosols are a quick way to kill flies, although it offers no long term solution it is a quick way to reduce the number of flies for a short time. However a lot of these can contain Permethrin which is incredibly toxic to fish and cats. So if you have these pets in your home it may not be best to use these.

Electric Light Trap

Electronic Fly light traps are incredibly popular in the hospitality trade. They work by emitting UV light which the flies love, they are attracted to the light and will fly towards them. Once they have been lured to the light they can either be trapped on some sticky paper, which can be replaced once full. Or they will be electrocuted by touching two wires which have a high vaultage running between them.

Hanging Fly Glue Strips

These long strips of sticky paper hang from the ceiling and are a great way to get rid of flies. Flies are active during the day time but come the evening they like to rest typically 5-15 ft off the ground. These hanging strips will act as a good resting place for the fly and will ultimately trap them on to the strip. Although they are a little unsightly when they become full of flies they are easy to dispose of.