Handwashing, something we all do several times a day… or not as it seems.

Yesterday was Global Handwashing Day. This is a day to promote handwashing with soap throughout the world. Here at CNM Online we have spoken about the importance of washing hands properly which can help prevent the spread of infections and diseases

Many people around the world have access to clean water but very few people will wash their hands with soap. This is because it may be less accessible for people in developing countries, even when soap is available people may shy away from using it. Washing your hands using soap removes germs much more effectively.

In 2003/4 the Minnesota Department of Health study observed hand washing behaviour in public bathrooms at three events. What they discovered was the 64 to 75% of women washed their hands after using the bathroom. Where men only 30 to 51% washed their hands.

Yet washing our hands is one of the most effective things you can do to protect yourself against a number of infectious diseases like the flu or the common cold. It will keep you healthy and prevent the spread of infectious diseases to other people.

The World Health Organisation provides a health care facility for hand hygiene.   

WHO Infographic

The key points here are that you need to dry your hands thoroughly with a single use towel and to use the towel to turn off the faucet, if it isn't on an automatic sensor.