CNMOnline are delighted to announce the arrival of the Beer Machine, a revolution in a box that can help make your festive season (or any other season!) a happy and memorable one. How much nicer would it be to offer your friends a glass of your own brew, rather than simply handing them a can or a bottle? Far superior to the old style home-brew kits, the improved performance and advanced construction and design of the Beer Machine from CNMOnline produces twenty-eight 12oz servings from the Premium beer mix. Yeast, CO2 bulbs and de-foamer disc are also included. The Beer Machine contains a Carbonation Unit and pressure release system for sustaining ideal brewing conditions, and is presented in an attractive barrel-shaped container that is the perfect size for fermenting beer in your refrigerator. Quite simply, an innovative idea that transforms the whole concept of home-brewing, and is certain to become popular with beer lovers everywhere. Whether your choice is bitter, mild, draught or real ale, the distinctive taste and flavour of beer produced by a Beer Machine from CNMOnline is sure to please even the most discerning connoisseur. Why struggle through crowds of people to reach the bar in your local club or pub, risk driving after a couple of drinks, or pay expensive taxi fares, when you can celebrate in convivial surroundings, with your own special brew, at home? A Beer Machine from CNMOnline offers superlative performance in a sturdy and attractive design and is finished off with full wrap-around heavy-duty clamping system which will give years of service. A compact, yet remarkable product with results that will impress and earn encores!