In many countries which are worst hit by winter season, heaters are necessary home appliance. There is a lot variety in heaters to choose from, they vary in shapes and size and in technology but are made for heating only so it’s always a little confusing to choose among them. Here is a quick guide that might help you. Electric heaters: Heaters running on electricity leave no pollutants as byproduct are electrical heaters. Using electricity for heating is one of the most expensive methods so before you go for them always consider energy rating in mind. There are many types of electrical heaters such as: Column heaters: column heater heats oil stored inside columns, the heat generated is transferred through air columns towards room and these heaters are suitable for long time heating. Convection heaters: these heaters are designed to draw colder air over an heating element and when air is heated it throws it towards the specified path with the help of fan. Fan heaters: if you are looking for instant heat over some small areas fan heaters come in handy. They are available in two models, flat and upright model. In this heater tilt switch must be installed for safety. Reverse cycled air conditioners: their mechanism works to pump heat from one place to another which heats up large portion of areas with less amount of energy. They are thus also depended on outside temperature. Radiant heaters: radiant heaters are famous for immediate heating. They immediately heat up area around a person instead of whole room and are thus high energy savers. They are available in floor as well as models for wall mounting. One must handle and use them with care as their heating element is exposed at limits. Off peak storage heaters: electricity available at night time is off-peak and cheap so these heaters use off-peak electricity to heat elements like bricks and store and release this energy during daytime. Gas heaters: gas is one of the cheapest form of heating to opt for, thus gas heaters were introduced. Gas heaters are of two types, vented and vent less. Vented gas heaters: vented heaters have specific exhaust system and one can also connect it to existing chimney of house or mount it on wall. Vent less gas heaters: they are more popular then vented gas heaters and are preferred by most as it doesn’t need ventilation system preexistence; however one must place it near ventilation as it also releases gases which could be harmful for health. One must take care of presence of oxygen depletion sensor in case with gas heaters, as running out of oxygen is always dangerous for human health.