Panel heaters became increasingly popular these days, because they offer vast benefits over traditional heating.

Panel heaters are used as an alternative to standard heating systems. These heaters are designed to look like a slim panel that is fitted flat to a wall. Panel heating products are operated via an electrical socket and they can be used regularly or simply when you want to boost the heat in a room or a specific area.

Panel heater, sometimes known as a radiant panel heater, produces heat by transfer of radiant heat, usually by infrared waves. They are lightweight, slim, allowing the unit to be mounted easily and installed to radiate heat in any direction.

Most panel heaters will be thermostatically controlled and will have some form of safety cut-out. It will simply turn the heater off if the warm air grilles get blocked which might lead to a danger of fire or damage to the heater. The heat they can give out can be measured by the wattage they are shown to have (i.e. 750w, 2000w and so on).

Panel heaters are one of the most cost-effective heating systems. They provide you with heat only when you want it, saving energy and money. You can use panel heaters to temporarily heat up your bedroom when you first wake up or heat your office only during the day.

Panel heaters can provide supplementary heat for all-electric homes. For small rooms or well-insulated homes, panel heaters often provide sufficient heat without the need for storage heaters.

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