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Ebeco Underfloor Heating Cable Kit 300

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Warranty: 10 Years
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    Underfloor Heating
  • A complete underfloor heating kit for ceramic tiles and natural stone
  • Avalable in watts : 150W, 200W , 260W, 330W, 400W, 470W, 540W, 650W, 810W, 960W, 1180W, 1380W, 1710W, 2080W.
  • Type: Thermostat


Cable Kit 300 offers the most options with regard to range of applications as well as installation. Both tape and glue sticks are included, providing greater options for fixing the cable.

Cable Kit includes one of the market’s thinnest cables with a diameter of only 4 mm. Ideal if you require a low-build system. The cable is flexible and pliant which considerably simplifies laying. Cable Kit is easy to fix using tape or hot melt glue or sometimes a mix of both. The tape makes installation fast and flexible. Sometimes a combination of tape and hot melt glue can be the most advantageous. The series gives you the option of choosing which fixing method to use.

Cable Kit 300 comes with the EB-Therm 350, a programmable thermostat which enables setting of times and temperatures entirely according to you wishes. This facilitates optimal energy saving. EB-Therm 350 is digital and equipped with fuzzy technology, which means that from the outset the thermostat is gathering the data on which it bases its calculations as to when it should turn on and off. The technology reduces fluctuations in temperature, which results in a more even temperature and lower energy consumption.Cable Kit 300 – even in conservatories

More power is required in a conservatory than indoors to ensure that there is sufficient heating. As Cable Kit 300 can be installed in power outputs of up to 160W/m², this package is ideal for conservatories too. In combination with the programmable thermostat, you get an economical system.


The system can be installed up to 120W/m² on combustible substrate, and up to 160W/m² on concrete substrate. The cable is laid in a 4 mm thick layer of screed on existing floor structures such as concrete, plaster- or chipboard. It can also be laid in wooden joist frames. When installed in a wet room under a vinyl floor covering the power is normally approx.75W/m². The screed layer must be a minimum of 10 mm above the cable to ensure a sufficient dissemination of heat.

Additional Information

Power (kW)No
ModelWatts, LengthArea at cc9cm 120W/mArea at cc11cm 100W/mArea at cc15cm 75W/mArea at* cc7cm 160W/mArea at* cc8cm 140W/m
E89 608 70150W, 13.5m1.3 m1.5 m2.0 m0.9 m1.1 m
E 89 608 71200W, 18.5m1.7 m2.0 m2.7 m1.3 m1.5 m
E 89 608 72260W, 23m2.1 m2.6 m3.4 m1.6 m1.8 m
E 89 608 73330W, 31m2.7 m3.3 m4.4 m2.1 m2.3 m
E 89 608 74400W, 37m3.3 m4.0 m5.3 m2.5 m2.8 m
E 89 608 75470W, 43m3.9 m4.7 m6.3 m3.0 m3.4 m
E 89 608 76540W, 49m4.5 m5.4 m7.2 m3.4 m3.9 m
E 89 608 77650W, 58m5.4 m6.5 m8.7 m4.1 m4.7 m
E 89 608 78810W, 73m6.7 m8.1 m10.7 m5.0 m5.8 m
E 89 608 79960W, 86m8.0 m9.6 m12.8 m6.0 m6.9 m
E 89 608 801180W, 107m9.8 m11.8 m15.7 m7.4 m8.4 m
E 89 608 811380W, 124m11.5 m13.8 m18.3 m8.6 m9.8 m
E 89 608 821710W, 155m14.2 m17.1 m22.7 m10.7 m12.2 m
E 89 608 832080W, 187m17.3 m20.8 m27.7 m13.0 m14.9 m
E 89 608 90**1180W, 107m9.8 m11.8 m15.7 m7.4 m8.4 m
**Complementary Kit

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