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Econo Heat Panel Heater With 24/7 Timer

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Econo Heat Panel Heater With 24/7 Digital Timer

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Quick Code: # 18940
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Warranty: 3 Years
Delivery: Next Working Day
  • Does not dry out the air, safe for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • 100% silent operation, uses only 400 watts to heat a 9m² room
  • Colour white can also be painted!
  • Safer for children and pets!
  • Slimmest panel heater on the market 10mm
  • Very economic for "background" heating safe and efficient


An Electric wall-mounted convection panel heater that is only 400 watts, with integrated 24/7 digital timer. Like a central heating system, it uses the principle of hot air rising, or convection heating. This very economic for of "background" heating is safe and efficient. It is designed so that the panel heater has no exposed elements, no gas and has a safer surface temperature. The fibre cement board of the wall panel heater has a heat transfer rate that is about 40 times slower than metal surfaces (low thermal conductivity). Every heater comes with an Econo-kit installation kit and easy to follow 3-step instructions.

  • Uses only 400 watts to heat a 9m² room
  • 24/7 Digital timer
  • Ultra Slim and out of the way design
  • Can be painted to match decor
  • Safer for children and pets
  • Easy to install
  • Natural convection technology
  • 100% silent operation, does not dry out the air
  • Safe for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Made from fibre cement(asbestos-free)
  • International safety standards approved
  • Additional Information

    Power (kW)No
    Model400W 24/7 Timer
    Power Rating1.8 Amps @ 230V, 50HZ
    OHM Reading127
    Dimensions 600mm x 600mm x 10mm
    Maximum Surface TemperatureApprox. 75-90 °C, depending on Ambient Temperature
    Mass6kg (unpacked)
    Cable2m, 2 core
    Plug3 point, not earthed
    Approx Area Coverage1 heater per 12m², (tempererate climate), 1 heater per 9m² (cold climate)

      What is the warranty of the Econo panel heater?

      Three year’s warranty!

          Can the Econo panel be installed in any room?

          This Econo panel is suitable for every room in the home including the bathroom. However clothing or towels should never cover the heater. The water proof rating is IP54. The Econo panel is also suitable for commercial premises, garages, sheds, conservatories, caravans the list is endless!

              Is the Econo panel easy to install?

              Yes this panel heater is pre-fitted with cable and 13amp UK plug. The Econo is supplied with wall fixings kits and protrudes just 20mm when fixed to the wall!

                  What side is the cable fitted?

                  When the Econo Panel is fitted to the wall then the cable would be on the bottom right hand corner as you look at it!

                      Will the front of the Econo panel get very hot to touch?

                      The front of the panel will get hot, but it is safe. The panel releases the heat on a natural convection system. Most of the heat is generated behind the panel before being naturally circulated around the room. Therefore ideal for children’s bedrooms or for those persons without assistance or supervision if their physical sensory or mental capabilities prevent them from using it safely!

                          The Econo panel does it have timer controls?

                          There is one model with a timer our quick code 19260 and one model without a timer quick code 18940!

                              Can it be installed in a bathroom??

                              Yes the water proof rating is probably the best in the UK rated at IP54, however under no circumstances must it be used to dry clothing!

                                  Can I dry clothes on the Econo panel?

                                  No, we do not recommend using the panel for drying clothes!

                                      I suffer from Asthma, will the Econo panel be suitable?

                                      The heat given off is radiant and naturally convected heat so the heat produced circulates in a more natural way without the associated airborne dust particles!

                                          Will the Econo panel be economical to run in a Conservatory?

                                          Yes the Econo panel is suitable for heating a small conservatory 400 watts will cover 4m2 for larger areas you will need more than one panel heater!

                                              How much do they cost to run?

                                              The exact running costs of any heater will depend on the tariff that you pay your electrical supplier. However as a rule of thumb the Econo panel heater would cost roughly 0.4 – 1p per hour if the room is very cold, once the room temperature has been achieved and the room it is installed is well insulated running costs will be greatly reduced!

                                                  What size panel heater do I need for my room?

                                                  If the room is well insulated then as a rule of thumb a 400W would heat a room size >4m2

                                                      What size fuse is used for the Econo panel?


                                                          Is it safer for children and pets?

                                                          Yes. The panel heater has no exposed elements, no gas and has a safer, lower surface temperature. The fibre cement board of the wall panel heater has a heat transfer rate that is about 40 times slower than metal surfaces (low thermal conductivity).

                                                              What is the risk of burns to occupants?

                                                              The Econo-Heat wall panel heater is slim and compact and is out-of-the-way mounted to the wall. The panel is made out of non-flammable, non-combustible material. The heater’s surface temperature varies between 75 – 90°C. Although this may sound high, one has to keep in mind that all heaters have hot areas and some heaters reach much higher surface temperatures than the Econo-Heat wall panel heater. For example, oil-filled rib heaters reach surface temperatures far exceeding 100°C. Also, these types of heaters have metal surfaces reaching these high temperatures. If you touch a good thermal conductor (like metal) at 75 – 90°C with your finger, you are likely to burn a blister on your finger before you have a chance to pull it away. On the other hand, if you touch a poor thermal conductor (like wood or fibre-cement, the latter being the material that the Econo-Heat wall panel heater is made of) at the same temperature, you will not be able to keep your finger there, but you will pull it away before it can burn you. The reason is that because fibre-cement is a poor thermal conductor, not enough heat can transfer from the hot surface to your finger to cause injury.

                                                                  Can you paint the panel heater?


                                                                      What do I do if it becomes faulty within three years?

                                                                      We will replace with new, please note we would need the panel heater back for testing!

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