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ePower Hand Dryer

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Warranty: 3 Years
Delivery: 48 Hours
  • Energy rating: 0.8-1.6kW (Adjustable motor speed)
  • Energy Consumption per dry: 4.44W
  • Cost per dry: 0.035p per dry, 1000 dries for 35.5p
  • Motor rating: 350W to 700W
  • Heater Element: 450-900W adjustable
  • Sensor: No touch infra-red sensor


The e-Power hand dryer qualifies for the UK government’s tax relief scheme for energy efficient products!

Because the ePower hand dryer is registered as an energy efficient hand dryer, the Government scheme offers a 100 per cent First-Year allowance (FYA) for investments in certain energy saving plant and machinery. If you buy equipment that qualifies, you can write off, for example, 100 per cent of the cost against that year's taxable profits!

The ePower Hand dryer is an increasingly popular dryer on the world market and can be found in airports and prestigious locations throughout the UK. It is easily recognised by its distinctive, compact shape, high speed drying and futuristic blue ray light that shine on the hands to show the optimum placement for efficient drying. This is a fantastic performing product that won’t disappoint and will compliment even the most designer washrooms.

  • Energy rating: 0.8-1.6Kw (Adjustable motor speed)
  • Energy Consumption per dry: 4.44w
  • Cost per dry: 0.035p per dry, 1000 dries for 35.5p
  • Motor rating: 350w to 700w
  • Heater Element: 450-900w adjustable
  • Sensor: No touch infrared sensor

  • Dry Speeds
  • Dry time: 10-14 seconds (60 second auto-cut off to prevent overheating)
  • Air Speed: 75-100m/s (169-225 mph)

  • Motor Type: Brush with dual ball bearing

  • Safety
  • Motor Thermal Protection: Auto cut off and reset at 105oC
  • Heater Thermal Protection Auto cut off and reset at 65oC
  • Protection: IPX1 Class I

  • Materials
  • Net weight: 5.8kg (6.6Kg packaged)
  • Dimensions: W201x 277H x D175
  • Cover: 304 stainless Steel (1.5mm thickness)

  • Certification:
  • TUV/GS Approved, RoSH Compliant,
  • CE marked in accordance with all the relevant EEC Harmonised Documents

  • Energy efficient

    The ePower hand dryer is classified as energy efficient due to its fast dry times and low energy consumption; as such it has achieved ECA accreditation (The UK government’s tax relief scheme for energy efficient products). Although the ePower is a warm air hand dryer, it still has a low energy rating of between 1.15kw and 1.6kw depending on the heater setting. Thanks to the 10 second dry time, the power consumption per dry measures at just 4.44w per dry, which is equal to the Dyson Airblade and just narrowly more than the Airforce.

    Environmentally Friendly

    The ePower uses just 3.3g of carbon per dry as opposed to the 12.5g consumed by each paper towel. Typically 2-3 paper towels will be used each dry. It is also RoHs compliant and uses approximately 80% less energy than a conventional hand dryer.

    High Speed

    The ePower compresses the airflow generated by the highly effective 18,000 rpm motor through a narrow air outlet. The air is travelling at speeds of up to 100m/s, 10 times the speed of Usian Bolt and 3-4 times quicker than a conventional hand dryer!The motor is adjustable allowing lower noise output and increased energy efficiency in lower traffic areas where maximum dry speeds are not required.The ePower produces fast dry times of just 10 to 12 seconds!


    The ePower is one of the most compact hand dryers on the world hand dryer market. It is also relatively light, making it easy to locate and fit whatever the size of your washroom.

    Vandal resistant

    The ePower maybe small but it is extremely resilient. Its 1.5mm thick Stainless Steel cover and sleek, compact design make it highly robust and suitable for the location

    Additional Information

    Power (kW)No

    SKU 437218 (Brushed), 437217 (Polished), 437219 (White)
    Noise level dB75 @2m
    Motor Power (W)350-700 
    Heater Element (W)450-900
    Drying Time (Seconds)10-12
    ADA ApprovedNo
    Water Proof Rating IPX1
    Operating Voltage* V
    Air Velocity271-362 Km/h
    FinishBrushed, Polished, White
    Weight (kg)5.8
    Height x Width x Depth (mm)277 x 201 x 175

      What is the warranty of the ePower?

      Three years manufacturer’s warranty, if the hand dryer is faulty within this period we will simply replace, excluding vandalism!

          What is the ECA energy scheme?

          The ECA energy scheme is a Government incentive that aims to encourage businesses to invest more in certain energy-saving technologies, the e-Power is registered and listed as an energy saving hand dryer on the Government ECA energy scheme!

              How much tax relief can I claim back if I purchase this hand dryer ?

              The Government ECA energy scheme lets your business claim 100 % first-year tax relief. This means you can write off, for example, deduct - the whole cost, or up to the published claim value, of buying the energy-saving hand dryer against your taxable profits in the year of purchase!

                  How do I claim tax relief from this scheme if I purchase this hand dryer ?

                  If you need help making your claim for the Government ECA scheme, you should contact your tax adviser or call the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Self-Assessment Helpline on 0300 200 3310. The opening hours: 8.00 am to 8.00 pm, Monday to Friday. 8.00 am to 4.00 pm Saturday. For customers who are deaf or hearing or speech impaired please call 0300 200 3319 (Text phone). If you're calling from abroad please telephone: +44 161 931 9070. You can also write to HMRC by using the postal address, HM Revenue & Customs, Self-Assessment, PO Box 4000, Cardiff, CF14 8HR. If you need any further advice please call our sales team on 0844 884 2900.

                      Can any hand dryer be claimed through this scheme?

                      No, only products that have been registered, the e-Power are registered. Only new hand dryers are eligible for ECA tax relief, used or second-hand dryers do not qualify. Eligible hand dryers, the criteria they have to meet is published in the Energy Technology List:

                          How much does the ePower cost to run?

                          The ePower will dry 1,000 hands at a total cost of >35p. The cost to dry 1,000 hands using paper hand towels would be in excess of £6.24p this is because most people will “grab” more than one paper hand towel to dry their hands!

                              Do you install hand dryers?

                              Yes we have a dedicated team of qualified installers that are available throughout the UK. Our most recent installation was to supply and install over 400 hand dryers throughout Nottingham Trent University. This was completed within a three week period at the convenience of all the different departments!

                                  What is the power rating of the e-Power hand dryer?

                                  Energy rating: 0.8 - 1.6kW. The motor can be adjusted between 350w to 700w and the heater element can be adjusted between 450-900w on installation!

                                      If I have a problem with the e-Power who do I contact?

                                      You can contact CNMOnline customer services team on 0844 884 2900 we will help you with any enquiries you may have with this product!

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    Great finish, very quick drying speed! (Posted on 25/02/2014)