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Hand Dryer Jet Plus

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Warranty: 3 Years
Delivery: 48 Hours
  • Power:750-2050 watts (adjustable motor and heater element)
  • Motor Power 750 watts
  • Heater Element (adjustable between 900-300W or can be switched off)
  • Supply:220-240V 50HZ
  • Dry time: 10 to 14 seconds
  • Protection: IPX4 Class I
  • Material: Anti-Bacterial coated ABS


    Low noise level just 76 decibels, dry`s hands within 14 seconds!

    The JetKnife is a 'blade' style hand dryer with a double sided, high speed air flow that literally scrapes moisture from the user hand. The JetKnife has a unique blue dry zone that indicates to the user where to position their hands before gradually drawing them out over a 10 second period. The moisture is then collected in easy to remove tray, this prevents floors from becoming wet and therefore hazardous, in high traffic areas.

Energy efficient

In most commercial and public buildings the JefKnife can be set to as little as 750 watt rated power. Only where the ambient temperature of the air is cold, may it be necessary to engage the heater element. On the basic 750w setting the JetKnife uses just 2.92 watts per dry which is more energy efficient than the Dyson Airblade but less energy efficient than the Mitsubishi Jet Towel.


The JetKnife 'blade style' hand dryer ensures that any water from the hands is deposited into the drainage tank where is can be safely and hygienically dispensed with. Only in very high traffic areas will the tank require much servicing, as water will naturally evaporate due to the internal heat generated by the motor. The JetKnife also comes fitted with an anti-bacterial dust filter and is coated with an anti-microbial substance to prevent bacteria, yeast and moulds growing on surface areas. Of course the wide space for the hands and touch free activation also eliminate the risk of cross contamination.

Environmentally Friendly

The JetKnife on the 750W setting uses less than 3.3g of carbon per dry. To put this into context each paper towel consumes 12.5g and typically 2-3 paper towels will be used each dry. It is also RoHs compliant and uses approximately 70% less energy than a conventional hand dryer.

High Speed, Reasonable noise level!

The JetKnife has 2 rows of jet outlets that force the air to form 2 ‘blades.’ The airflow is an amazing 212mph or 95m/s which is roughly equivalent to the top speed of a F1 car, however thank fully the noise is not comparative, at just 76db! This again compares favourably with the Dyson Airblade sound level of 85db

  • Power:750-2050 watts (adjustable motor and heater element)
  • Motor Power 750 watts
  • Heater Element (adjustable between 900 and 1300 watts or can be switched off)
  • Air Velocity: 95m/s or 212.50 mph
  • Supply:220-240V 50HZ
  • Brushless DC Motor
  • Dry time: 10 to 14 seconds
  • Protection: IPX4 Class I
  • Filters: Anti-Bacterial dust filter
  • Material: Anti-Bacterial coated ABS
  • Noise level: 75db
  • Net Weight: 11kg
  • Dimensions: H685 x W330 x D220
  • Approvals: CE marked in accordance with all the relevant EEC Harmonised Documents, GS Approved
  • Additional Information

    Power (kW)450W

    SKU 408973/ 406258
    Noise level dB72-77 @1m
    Motor Power (W)750 
    Heater Element (W)900-1300
    Drying Time (Seconds)10-15
    ADA ApprovedNo
    Water Proof Rating IPX4
    Operating Voltage220- 240 V
    Air Velocity342 Km/h
    FinishSilver/ White
    Weight (kg)9.5
    Height x Width x Depth (mm)685 x 330 x 220
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