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Litter Bins

CNM Online provide a wide range of litter bins for various different scenarious and rooms. Our range ensures that we have exactly what it is you need dependant upon your requirements. Our litter bins are also suitable for commercial requirements such as offices, hotels, and education buildings.

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Hotel Room Bins

Our most popular hotel room bin is the Dolphin Polished Stainless Steel Trash Can which is available in either 18 or 35 litres. The bin lid for this product is also spring loaded so that the waste contents is always out of view. Another popular bin is the Dolphin Polished Stainless Steel Pedal Bin which is available in both satin and polished stainless steel, available in 3 sizes, 5 litres, 12 litres and 28 litres.

Free Standing Washroom Paper Towel Bins

When looking for a washroom waste paper towel bin then it is important that in larger washrooms enough bins are available for the amount of people using the facilities. All the free standing bins available on our site are designed to withstand everyday abuse. to help withstand this abuse they are made from stainless steel and can be permanently fixed if vandalism is a major concern in your washroom.

The Dolphin Stainless Steel Bins are suitable for schools and service stations as they are built to withstand everyday abuse with a spring loaded lid which means that the waste paper is automatically compressed down each time it is used. This will therefore increase the amount of waste paper that can be disposed of before it needs emptying.

Wall Mounted Waste Bins

The Dolphin Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Bin range is available in 8, 24 and 67 litres worth of capacity. This type of bin has the option for the wire basket to be placed within the bin which can be removed for emptying and makes this process easier. The smaller bins would be suitable for a hotel restroom or low traffic washrooms where the larger 67 litre bin would be more suited to for a public washroom with a high amount of traffic.

Countertop, under counter waste bins Here at CNM Online we have a wide range of waste bins that can be fixed into a work surface. The Prestige Range would generally offer this type of waste bin and these would be made to order. These bins are made in Germany from Chrome Nickel making them robust and ideal for washrooms that need a bigger bin to cope with the amount of traffic that uses the washroom. One of the most popular in this range is the WP 136 Prestige Swing Flap which is ideal for washrooms or even fast food restaurants that have a higher demand for larger bins. The bin can be any design or shape and is not in view, the bin is accessed via a designer swing flap.