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Osily Electric Radiator

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Warranty: 10 Year Warranty
Delivery: Next Working Day
  • Lightweight and Strong
  • Programmable
  • Maximum Heat Control
  • 2 Years Electronic Warranty
  • 10 Years Body Warranty
  • Details

      The Osily Electric Radiator is a comprise of ceramic core technology, mineral compound ensures the dispersal of heat is even with excellent heat retention. The risk of leaks is eliminated due to no liquid content in the radiator. The radiator is maintenance free and will not degrade over time. Made from durable cast aluminium panels which provide efficient heat transfer with the panels powder coating it stops discolouration and protects it from UV rays. Easy operation and programming of the heater means that once it is set up it will adapt to the room temperature and doesn't require being adjusted. The thermostat can detect a change in temperature if for example a window is opened causing temporarily stop the heating. Additional functions like the holiday function will allow a gap in the programme meaning that if the home is not occupied the heating will not come on making the radiator efficient. The radiator can be programmed to meet your specific requirements so that it matches your routines. They are 100% efficient with no waste due to all electricity drawn is converted to heat. Twin heating elements installed equal distances apart in the ceramic core means from the moment heat is required the maximum surface area is creating heat to warm the room as quickly as possible.

  • Lightweight and Strong
  • Excellent Distribution of Heat
  • Programmable
  • Comfort, Economic & Anti-Frost mode
  • Maximum Heat Control
  • 2 Years Electronic Warranty
  • 10 Years Body Warranty
  • Mounting kit, 1.8m Cable & 3-Pin Plug Included
  • Available in 7 Different Wattage Outputs
  • Additional Information

    Order codeWeight (kg)PowerDimensions H-W-L (mm)BTU'sHeat Room with Poor Insulation (m2)Heat Room with Good Insulation (m2)
    OSER500WD7.600500W570 - 95 - 355170656
    OSER750WD12.600750W570 - 95 - 515255979
    OSER1000WD15.6001000W570 - 95 - 59534121012
    OSER1250WD20.1001250W570 - 95 - 75542651315
    OSER1500WD21.5001500W570 - 95 - 82551181518
    OSER1750WD27.2001750W570 - 95 - 99559711821
    OSER2000WD28.5002000W570 - 95 - 107568242124

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