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Perfect Mix 35 Instant Water Heater

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Warranty: 2 Years
Delivery: Next Working Day
  • Smallest oversink water heater on the UK market
  • Current intensity 15.2A
  • New electronic control prolongs the working life
  • Designed for wash basins and small sinks


    suitable for use over a hand wash basin or small sink

    This mini over sink water heater supplies hot water to hand washbasins. Ergonomic hand lever ensures easy control of desired water temperature making them ideal for disabled wash-rooms. They are equipped with a ceramic mixing valve and an electronic control system. All unreliable mechanical parts which are mounted in traditional water heaters such as switch contacts and a membrane have been eliminated. The reliability of the Perfect Mix 35 has been significantly enhanced in this way. The heaters have a bare heating element. Consequently, hot water runs immediately after they are switched on. Moreover, the heaters are characterised by ease of assembly, resistance to scale, high heating capacity (above 98%) and high IP rating (25). Please note the cold water connection is at the rear of the unit ideal for stud wall installations, please see downloads for more information

  • Please note: Plumbing connections at rear
  • No unreliable mechanical parts fitted
  • Flow rates from 1.5 to 3.5ltr/min
  • Max flow rate temperatures 32C - 48C, (calculated on a water inlet temperature of 15C)
  • Supplied with internal line filter and chrome spray arm
  • Minimum Voltage UK 230V
  • Current intensity 15.2A
  • New electronic control prolongs the working life
  • Designed for wash basins or small sink
  • Maximum working pressures up to 6.5 bar
  • Minimum working pressure 0.6 bar
  • Connects directly to cold water mains supply 1/2" (connection rear of unit)
  • Please note: Cold water supply is at the rear of the unit - see downloads for installation
  • Quality, reliability guaranteed

Additional Information

Power (kW)3.5

TypeInstant Water Heater 
Power (kW)3.5
Current Intensity (A)15.2
Minimum Cable Size (mm)1.5
Minimum Water Pressure (Bar)0.6 (8.7 PSI)
Maximum Water Pressure (Bar)6.5  (94 PSI)
48C Flow Rates (l/min) *1.5
40C Flow Rates (l/min) *2.0
35C Flow Rates (l/min) *2.5
Height / Width / Depth (mm)200 / 117 /  56
Water Proof Rating (IP)25

 * Please note: Flow rates are calculated using minimum water inlet temperature of 15C



Can this water heater be fitted with a plug?
      No the P35 MIX is rated at 3.5kW and therefore requires a minimum of 15.2 Amp power supply from a fused spur point with a minimum of 230 Volts supply. (20A FSP required)

What temperature and flow rates can i expect from this water heater?
      This water heater will achieve water temperatures of 48C at maximum flow rates of 1.5 ltrs/min. The maximum flow rates for this water heater are 2.5 ltrs/min however the outlet temperature will be reduced to a maximum of 35C which is still a comfortable hand washing temperature.

Do you need any special fittings with this water heater?
      This instant water heater is "unvented" meaning it can be connected directly to cold water mains and standard taps therefore no special fittings are required. To make installation even easier we supply 2 x 300mm flexible hoses with every water heater making installation much quicker and easier.

I have high fluctuating water pressures will this effect the performance of the water heater?
      This water heater is supplied with suppressing valve, this valve not only allows you to isolate the water flow but you can also regulate the flow, ideal for controlling fluctuating water pressure.

I would like to supply the water heater from a tank in my loft space will this still work?
      This water heater needs a minimum "water pressure" of 0.65 Bar this is equivalent to 8-9 PSI. Always make sure the water supply is sufficient enough or the performance of this water heater may be effected. For gravity fed water supplies the tank must be at-least 7m higher than the water heater itself!

Can this water heater be used to feed more than one sink?
      This water heater is to be used for one outlet only, it is not suitable for a sink only to be used for hand washing for a basin.

Can this unit be fitted upside down above the sink?
      No this water heater only works with the water outlets facing upwards, this is because the flow switches would prevent the water heater from working.

Does this water heater have a wall bracket?
      This water heater is fixed to the wall from its back plate using the fixing kit supplied

I have hard water supply will this water heater cope?
      This water heater is supplied with in-line filter and can be removed for cleaning. The suppressing valve is also fitted with in-line filter and can be cleaned if the performance of the water heater is effected at any point.

What power and voltage does this water heater require?
    This water heater needs a minimum power of 16A / 230V supply, any less than this the performance "will be" effected. If you have volt drop of say "220V" then this water heater will be rated at 3.2kW, 210V rated at 2.9kW.

What is the warranty of this water heater?
    The warranty is 2 years, if it fails within this period from date of purchase we will replace with new once we have received the water heater if it is found to be faulty a replacement will be delivered next working day
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