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The sun is the largest radiant type heater known to mankind and therefore radiant heat is one of the most natural forms of creating creature comforts!

Ranges of electric radiant heaters like the sun generate a radiant type heat which is one of the healthiest and most effective methods of creating efficient and effective comfort heat within a room or building.

Many conventional electric heaters heat by a convection method. Convection generated heat warms the air and therefore the heat is distributed unevenly because the heated air rises to the top of the room and the most warmth stays near the ceiling where it is least needed. This is what we at Heattend call the “hot head, cold feet syndrome”.

Traditional Convection Heater

Advanced Radiant Technology

Traditional Convection Heater

Advanced Radiant Technology



Convection type heaters can be more expensive to run because you quite often have to use a higher kilowatt appliance in order to reach required comfort temperatures.

Radiant type heaters warm people, objects and the construction of the room or building and as a result you feel the warmth created equally around you with a minimal heat loss.

Our radiant heaters work almost instantly. Within minutes of one of the heaters being switched on the heating element will be working at 100% output and warmth will start to be felt within a room or building very quickly. All our heaters incorporate an advanced radiant heating panel, which offers all the advantages of using radiant heating technology.