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Rodent Control

For successful rodent elimination it is vital to understand what sort of rodent needs to be removed from the home, workplace, restaurant, or other building. Once you have ascertained the rodent then you can decide on whether bait or traps are required, and in some cases both of these may be necessary.

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Using Bait for Rodent Control

When setting out on a rodent control program using bait it is important not to disturb their natural habitat, or they may just move to a different area, moving the problem rather than resolving it.

Once the baiting has begun, continue removing food sources, sanitation, and harborage to ensure additional rodents from nearby areas are not attracted to the area. CNM Online provide the relevant baits to attract and remove all types of rodents through our wide product range.

Using Traps for Rodent Control

When looking to remove rodents by using traps it is vital that you get the correct size trap for the rodent that you are wanting to remove. Look around for Rat or Mice activity to see if you can work out by checking for feces size, whether it is a Mice or a Rat.

When setting out traps for the rodents, ensure that enough traps are present as all rodents will not be caught if traps are spread too sporadically.