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CNMOnline takes appropriate measures to safeguard the information it holds from unauthorized access or improper use. CNMOnline has a strict internal security policy with which members of staff must comply as a condition of employment and no external access to the system is permitted. CNMOnline continually reviews and up-dates its security procedures as new technologies become available and new activities are introduced.

Any third parties to whom information is transferred are made aware of these security practices and are also required to take reasonable precautions to protect the transferred information.

Credit Card Transactions: CNMOnline uses appropriate encryption protection when receiving and transmitting credit card information. Such information is deleted once the transaction has been processed.

All credit and debit card payments made to us, go through external payment processing companies Elavon, Paypal and Google Wallet We do not store, or have access to your card details once they have been entered. For more information on the payment processing companies we use please visit the relevant web sites:,

CNMOnline is protected by Norton security systems and is tested daily by Norton Hacker Proof Service.

For more information on Norton security,Please click here.

This website is tested daily using Nortons HackerProof Vulnerability Scanning Service. The service performs an extensive range of tests for major known vulnerabilities on the website. This trusted site seal is only presented after a website has passed the Norton vulnerability test. Norton's HackerProof Vulnerability Scanning Service is frequently updated to ensure up to date vulnerability tests against the latest security threats.

CNM use Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates these are the highest assurance certificate available. The green address bar, exclusive to EV SSL, shows that the site is verified and secured to the highest assurance. Using the EV SSL certificate means that CNM are going beyond the gold padlock to go green with Extended Validation SSL certificates, the e-commerce standard for trust and security. The green browser address bar, exclusive to EV SSL certificates, assures our visitors that their transactions are on a highly trusted and secured domain. The EV SSL certificate was designed to strengthen e-commerce security and combat phishing attacks to make EV SSL the most complete SSL certificate available.