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Sunburst Panel Heater

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Warranty: 2 Years
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  • Excellent heat distribution through top vents
  • Radiant heat that feels like the sun
  • Specifically designed for conservatories and spot heating
  • Accurate thermostat with frost protection
  • Wall brackets and ‘quick fit’ feet / castors included


    new improved panel heater ideal for low level walls

    With three different models, each with two heat settings the Sunburst allows you to pick the right output for the conditions and helps to reduce running costs. Full power gives ultra-fast heat up times and then the flick of a switch sets the Sunburst into economy mode. The dimensions mean this efficient electric heater can be mounted on a 600 mm low level wall, the main house wall or if the feet and casters are fitted it is a fully portable appliance. Exceptionally quick heat up times and thermostatically-controlled gives optimum energy-efficiency so that you don’t have to worry about expensive energy bills. Fitting is so easy, and you can do it yourself. Simply attach the panel to the wall or fit the feet and plug into the nearest socket with the fitted UK 13 amp plug.

  • All models have 2 heat settings for economy
  • IP24 suitable for bathrooms
  • Safety ‘tip over’ cut out switch
  • Fitted with UK 13amp plug
  • Excellent heat distribution through top vents
  • Radiant heat that feels like the sun
  • Available in 3 sizes: 1000W, 1500W & 2000W
  • Wall mounted or portable radiant panel heater
  • Suitable for 600m low level & full height walls
  • Specifically designed for conservatories and spot heating
  • Advanced micathermic heating element
  • Exceptionally fast heat-up times
  • Accurate thermostat with frost protection
  • Wall brackets and ‘quick fit’ feet / castors included
  • Overheat & ‘tip over’ safety cut out

Additional Information

Order codeDescriptionHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Weight (kg)
RP-10Panel Heater    420    570           954.4
RP-15Panel Heater    420    775           955.4
RP-20Panel Heater    420    975           956.4

    What is the warranty of the Sunburst?

    Two years manufacturer’s warranty!

        Can the Sunburst be installed in all types of rooms?

        Yes, the Sunburst is suitable for every room in the home including the bathroom, the water proof rating of the Sunburst is IPX4, if you want to install the Sunburst in a bathroom then it must be hard wired to a suitable power supply. The Sunburst has also been purchased for commercial premises, hair salons, garages, sheds, orangeries, caravans the list is endless!

            Where is the Sunburst made?


                Is the Sunburst easy to install?

                Yes the Sunburst is pre-fitted with 1.75m of electric cable with 13amp moulded plug. The Sunburst is supplied with the wall fixing kit and it is also supplied with feet for portable use!

                    What side is the cable fitted?

                    If the Sunburst is fitted to the wall then the cable would be on the right hand side as you look at it!

                        Will the front of the Sunburst panel get very hot to touch?

                        The Sunburst front panel releases the heat radiantly like the Sun; the front panel will get warm but not hot enough to burn. Because the front grill is designed with a very fine metal mesh front the Sunburst can be sited next to furniture without scorching. We would recommend installing the Sunburst 200mm (8”) away from any furniture, this will make sure the heat is distributed naturally!

                            Where is the best place to fit the Sunburst?

                            The Sunburst size will ultimately determine where you have the space to install it. The maximum height of the Sunburst for all three models is 420mm, with three different widths, 1kW - 570mm, 1.5kW 775mm and the 2kW has a width of 975mm. You then need 200mm (8”) space all around the Sunburst. If you have ample space then it is always advisable to install the Sunburst under a window this will help in circulating the heat more evenly. If you do not have the space under a window then a back wall is also suitable. Please note: The heater will be more effective if the wall it is sited is white. Darker colours tend to absorb the heat more readily, where white backgrounds will reflect the heat back into the room!

                                Can I fit the Sunburst under a window sill with limited space?

                                The Sunburst should have a clearance of 200 mm (8”) all around to allow a better circulation of the heat, however if space is limited then it can be installed on 600mm dwarf wall leaving a gap of 65mm at the top and 65mm at the bottom!

                                    I suffer from Asthma, the Sunburst says it is suitable why?

                                    With convector type heaters that have a fan inside the heater to force the heat around your room this is how fine particles of dust become airborne and become a problem to Asthma sufferers. With the Sunburst the heat given off is radiant heat so the heat given off circulates in a more natural way without the associated airborne dust particles!

                                        Will the Sunburst be economical to run in a Conservatory?

                                        The Sunburst is certainly more energy efficient than other convectional panel heaters especially for use in Conservatories!

                                            How much do they cost to run?

                                            The Sunburst heats the room much quicker than other types of convector heaters so once it has achieved your set temperature it will automatically control the room temperature more economically on a lower setting. Providing the room it is installed is well insulated running costs will be greatly reduced. On full power the running costs per hour for the Sunburst would be 10-15p per hour, once the room is heated to your set temperature then running costs will be reduced to 2 to 7p per hour!

                                                How many Sunburst panels do I need to heat a Conservatory?

                                                If the Conservatory is well insulated then as a rule of thumb one 2kW Sunburst will heat a conservatory with a room size up to 20m2 = 5m x 4m comfortably

                                                    What size fuse does the Sunburst need?

                                                    The Sunburst has a fitted UK plug with 13A fuse!

                                                        How long would the Sunburst take to heat a room?

                                                        The Sunburst 2kW will heat a conservatory size 5m x 4m in >15 minutes on full power setting; again this would be subject to how well the conservatory is insulated. If the Sunburst was installed in a bedroom then it would heat the room much quicker!

                                                            Can I install the Sunburst in my bathroom?

                                                            Yes the Sunburst can be installed in bathrooms in “zone two” the water proof rating is IPX4, must be hard wired to a suitable fused spur point by a qualified electrician!

                                                                What problems do you get with the Ducasa heaters?

                                                                CNM has been selling the Sunburst heaters for years and very rarely have a problem with them; the only part that may need replacing is the 13A fuse. They are a fit and forget heater, please see Customer Reviews for Sunburst !

                                                                    If I have a problem with the Sunburst who do I contact?

                                                                    Contact CNM customer services team and we will help you with any problems you may have with this product!

                                                                        Do you have spare parts for the Sunburst?

                                                                        Yes we carry spares for the Sunburst, please call our sales team for any enquiries!

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