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Triton T30i Over Sink Handwash Unit

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Warranty: 1 Year
Delivery: 48 Hour Delivery
  • Easy installation no expansion kit required
  • Single control for Start - Stop and temperature selection
  • Temperature control - with number dial
  • 200mm swivel arm
  • Instantaneous water heater, low cost
  • Flow - 1 Bar @ 8 l/min


    3kW suitable for hand wash basin

    The Triton over sink instant water heater is simple to install and is available in 3kW and 7kW outputs please see options. The 3kW version provides sufficient hot water for hand-washing, whilst the 7kW version can provide a sufficient quantity of hot water for filling a small basin or sink for pot washing. These water heaters will work with very high water inlet pressures of up to 10 bar and will also work with very low pressures of water, 1 bar or 81 litres a minute

    Triton T30i Over Sink Hand-wash Unit 3kW & 7kW, Instantaneous water heater, low cost, simple to install and requires standard 15mm / 1/2" BSP plumbing connections

    • Extended warranty available with the Triton 3kW and 7kW!
    • Single control for Start / Stop and temperature selection
    • Temperature control - with number dial
    • 200mm swivel arm
    • Simple and economical to use
    • Temperature Control - Stabilised
    • Power Ratings-3 kW, 7 kW
    • Inlet Connection - 15mm compression
    • Water Entry Points - Bottom
    • Cable Entry Points-Top, bottom, back
    • Outlet Connection - 1/2" BSP
    • Plumbing System - Cold water only
    • Minimum Running Pressure / Flow - 1 Bar @ 8 l/min*
    • Maximum Static Pressure - 10 Bar
    • Wall surface mounted only
    • Approvals - BEAB, CE, BKM

Additional Information

Power (kW)No
Model N0.
Height mm
Width mm
Depth mm
Power (kW)
Fuse (A)
Suitable for:
Hand washing
Filling a basin

The temperature of the outlet water depends on the flow rate an the inlet water temperature

    What is the warranty of the Triton?

    One year manufacturer’s warranty with extended warranty available on request!

        I have a 13amp power supply will the Triton be suitable?

        Yes the Triton 3kW hand wash unit can be connected via a ring main 13amp fused spur. The Triton 7kW instant water heater will need a 30amp power supply and must be supplied from an independent electrical circuit, it MUST NOT BE connected to a ring main, spur, socket outlet, lighting circuit or cooker circuit!

            Can you fit a UK 13 plug to the Triton instant water heater?

            No all instant water heaters must be installed by a competent electrician and for safety reasons they must be hard wired to a suitable power supply!

                What size cable do I need for the Triton instant water heater?

                The 3kW requires 1.5mm cable (minimum) and the Triton 7kW requires 4mm!

                    I have very high water pressure will this affect the Triton`s performance?

                    The Triton instant water heaters have an inbuilt water stabiliser so it will regulate fluctuating water pressures ranging from 1bar up to 10bar if you are unsure of your cold water supply pressure you can ask your water supplier to check this for you free of charge!

                        Do I need any other accessories for the Triton instant water heater?

                        No expansion kits or accessories required for the Triton!

                            Can I have the hot water outlet of the Triton fitted to a tap?

                            No the spray nozzle acts as the vent for the Triton and the outlet must not be connected to any tap or fitting!

                                I don’t have a mains water supply can I use the Triton instant water heater?

                                The Triton requires a mains water supply with a minimum of 1bar pressure. However if there are no mains water supplies you can use a header tank feed, this can be achieved with a cistern type water header tank giving a minimum head of 10 meters (33ft)!

                                    I have a problem with lime scale will the Triton be suitable?

                                    The Triton is supplied with a water filter that fits directly into the 15mm pipe supply and the spray nozzles is easily removed for cleaning or descaling. In soft water areas the Triton nozzle would need cleaning every six months, for hard water areas we would recommend cleaning more frequently to prevent any limescale build up in the nozzle area!

                                        Do you have spare parts for the Triton instant water heater?

                                        Yes we carry some spares for the Triton instant water heater please call our sales team on 0844 884 2900 for any enquiries!

                                            What pipe fittings do I need for the Triton instant water heater?

                                            The pipe fittings are standard UK 15mm pipe fittings, we supply the nut, olive, filter and wall fixing kit to enable the installer to connect directly to a 15mm water supply pipe, there should be no need to purchase any special fittings for a full installation!

                                                I have limited space to have the Triton installed what height should it be installed above the basin?

                                                We would recommend that the bottom of the Triton should be 200mm (7.8”) from the basin or sink level!

                                                    Can I install the Triton in an outbuilding that is not heated?

                                                    We do not recommend that the Triton water heater is installed in a room where it may be subject to freezing!

                                                        How far from the wall will the Triton spray nozzle protrude?

                                                        The Triton spray nozzle will protrude 260mm (10”) from the wall!

                                                            If I have a problem with the Triton who do I contact?

                                                            Triton have a customer help line on 0844 980 0750 (UK Only). Triton will also want to know when and where you purchased the goods, if you have forgotten your date of purchase please call our customer services team on 0844 884 2900 and we will help you with all the information you require.

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Great little product size is perfect, I only hope that the brass to plastice water connection holds especially when there is a compression fitting with the nut to plastic water connection in the unit. I comment if there is any problem (Posted on 09/08/2012)