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X-Fly 2 - 36 watt

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Warranty: 2 Year
Delivery: Next Working Day
  • Can be hidden discreetly on top of cupboards
  • X Fly 2 finished in Stainless steel
  • Designed for kitchen tops or any flat surface
  • Can also be wall mounted
  • Unique slim design, with a subtle glow
  • Protected area up to 140m


Hidden discreetly on top of cupboards!

Manufactured in the UK, robustly constructed of stainless steel the X-Fly -36watt is suitable for dealing with flying insects in the home or wherever discreet management is required. Used 24/7 the power used will cost roughly 0.08 pence per day, 30.00 per year. Insects are attracted to the special blue ultra violet light. Visitors will only appreciate the subtle glow of this attractive feature.

Perfect location for X-Fly 2 is on top of wall-cupboards or high flat surfaces.

  • Unique slim design makes it suitable where conventional machines would not
  • Flies are attracted by the special ultra violet tube & they stick onto the glue board
  • Used 24/7 the power used will cost roughly 0.08 pence per day £30.00 per year
  • The unit can be neatly sited behind cornice, or for kitchens without cornice
  • Brushed stainless steel front being the only feature visible at ground level
  • The ultra violet glow gives an added dimension to lighting in the kitchen
  • Visitors will only appreciate the subtle glow of this attractive feature
  • Do not assume that the X-Fly is only suitable for the domestic kitchen
  • X-Fly can also be wall mounted
  • A very effective fly controller
  • Unique slim design
  • Protected area up to 140 m
  • CE Approved
  • W650mm: D270mm: H100mm
  • European plug & lead option available on request
  • Replacement Lamps:
  • 1 x TL18WX or 1 x TL18WS Shatter Resistant
  • Replacement Glue boards: MGXTR1

Additional Information

BrandInsect A Clear
Power (kW)No




 MGXTR2Pack of 6 replacement boards  




    What is the warranty of the X-Fly 2?

    2 Year Warranty!

        Do i need to purchase any glue boards?

        The X-Fly 2 is supplied with one glue board and this should last 3 months through the summer, the glue boards are also available in packs of six!

            How much will the X-Fly 2 cost to run?

            £30.00 per year or 0.08p per day!

                Where is the X-Fly 2 made?

                United Kingdom!

                    Is it suitable for the bigger flies?

                    The X-Fly 2 will not only catch the smaller fruit flies it will also catch the bigger blue bottle flies. The darker the area it is placed the better the catch rate!

                        How long will the glue boards last?

                        A pack of six glue boards should last up to 2 years, so each glue board will last 3-4 months, however this is based on the average household so if used in fast food outlet or a heavily infested area this will be reduced!

                            Glue board V Electric fly zapper?

                            Glue board machines are particularly good if you have a range of different flies. Smaller ‘midge’ or `fruit` type flies are not always caught by the electrocution type fly killers as they are so small they can sometimes fly straight through the machines without making contact with the grid. If your insect problem is cluster flies for example then a glue board would not be suitable as you would be changing glue boards on a daily basis!

                                What is the option for the European plug and lead mean?

                                The X-Fly 2 is supplied with a UK plug and lead however we are aware that some customers have holiday homes in Europe so if you request a European plug and lead we will replace the UK plug with a European plug free of charge!

                                    Can the X-Fly 2 be wall mounted?

                                    Yes the X-Fly 2 can be wall mounted!

                                        What area will the X-Fly 2 cover?

                                        Areas up to 140m square, however for it to be effective always place the glue board in a dark area, it should never be competing with natural light from the sun so placing it in a window sill is not recommended!

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Thanks for all your very professional help. CNM, and its staff, put other online retailers in the shade! Yorkshire rocks!

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