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Zip Electronic Instantaneous Water Heater

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Warranty: 1 Year
Delivery: 48 Hours
  • No expansion kit required easy installation
  • Highly efficient mini-sized electronic instantaneous water heater
  • Operates automatically, flow rates 2.0 l/min & 3.3 l/min @3bar
  • Suitable for automatic sensor taps
  • Special jet regulator supplied with the unit
  • Suitable for 1 hand wash basin


    Slim-line instant water heater ideal for sensor, mixer or push taps designed with safety in mind and energy efficiency, suitable for 1 x hand wash basin

    The ES range of water heaters are ideal for a range of taps that have spray nozzles fitted. If not we supply with the water heater a universal spray nozzle that can be fitted to all standard 22-24mm threaded or un-threaded taps. The ES instant water heaters are also supplied with all accessories for a complete installation. Slim-line design just 80mm (3.2) maximum projection from the wall. Designed with safety in mind and energy efficient. This range of instant water heater can be sited neatly under the sink or cupboard, ideal for limited space installations. Suitable for 1 hand wash basin with flow rates of, 1.7 to 3.3 l/min increasing water inlet temperatures from 20C - 39C. "Therefore if the water inlet temperature is 15C, the ES3 will increase the temperature to 35C at 2ltrs min", please see download for more details on flow rates and temperature increases. Pre-fitted with 650 mm length of cable. Operates comfortably with fluctuating incoming cold water pressures from: 1 bar up to 10 bar pressures. (14.6 - 147 PSI or lb/in2)

    full onsite installation available with this water heater see faq`s for more information!

  • Supplied universal spray nozzle that can be fitted to all standard 22-24 mm threaded or un-threaded taps
  • Supplied with all accessories
  • Three outputs to choose from, 2.8, 4.8 and 6kW
  • Highly efficient, bare wire (stainless steel) heating system IES
  • Double pole thermal cut-out protection
  • Operating pressure range, 1-10 bar, (14.6 - 147 PSI or lb/in2 )
  • Operates automatically, flow rates 1.7 to 3.3 l/min @3bar
  • Outlet temperature can be pre-set inside the unit between 30C - 50C
  • Flow & temperature sensors controls the power to stabilize outlet temperature
  • Factory temperature setting 38C
  • Not suitable for industrial kitchen sinks!
  • Size: W187mm: D80mm: H132mm (7.4" x 3.2" x 5.2")
  • Inlet/outlet water connection G 3/8"
  • Suitable for 1 basin
  • Waterproof rating: IP24

Additional Information

Power (kW)No
Model N0.Power (kW)Height mmWidth mmDepth mmWeight kgFuse (A)Cable Size mm2Flow l/minUsage
ES33.1132187801.5131.51.5 2.01 x Hand Basin
ES44.4132187801.5202.51.5 – 2.01 x Hand Basin
ES66.0132187801.525101.5 – 3.31 x Hand Basin

        Am I able to install this water heater myself?

        No: It is recommended that you have a qualified installer of electric instantaneous water heaters. You can either arrange this yourself or we can liaise with yourself and arrange for a qualified engineer to install onsite for you!

        I would like a qualified engineer to install the water heater what is your procedure?

        When you have chosen this option we will call and arrange the installation with you, please note: Installation costs quoted require that POWER, WATER and WASTE are accessible within 1.5 meters (4.9ft) of the installation.

        Will i have to pay any extra if my utilities are not within 1.5m as required?

        All quotes are subject to final site inspection by the Engineer, we will send you a form to confirm that sufficient utilities are available before we arrange anything with you so there should be no extra costs?

        We are not mainland UK customer can we still have the water heater installed by a qualified engineer?

        The full installation is quoted for mainland UK customers, however full installations may be possible for non mainland UK. Please call one of our advisor's to discuss your options.

        We would like installation but we are not sure if the power supply is adequate?

        This particular water heater requires 13 - 25A depending on power selected, we will always check with you what utilities you have available before we arrange the full onsite installation!

        We have the power and mains water supplies but we do not have the waste pipe installed?

        Most water heater installations require a waste facility, however it still may be possible to install the water heater please enquire!

        I live in a low water pressure area, is this going to be an issue?

        The water heater ideally requires mains water pressure to ensure flow rates are maintained, however it still may be possible to run this unit from other low pressure supplies, please enquire

        The water supply we have available is from a header tank above is this suitable?

        Yes this may be possible, as long at the minimum water pressure required by this particular water heater is met, please see product specifications for minimum water pressures

        How many outlets will this water heater supply?

        It is advised that you only supply one outlet maximum. The water heater will work with multiple outlets but not simultaneously, the water flow rates and desired temperature would not be achieved!

        What is the warranty of the water heater?

        One years onsite manufacturer’s warranty!

        I have a 13amp power supply will this water heater be suitable?

        The 3.1kW will work from a 13A power supply, the 4.8kW requires a minimum of 20amp and the 6kW requires a minimum of 25amp, the 4.8 and 6.0kW must have an independent power supply!

        Do I need any other accessories for this instant water heater?

        No expansion kits needed, this water heater is supplied to enable a quick and easy installation!

        Will this water heater supply a domestic sink?

        The ES range has been designed for hand washing however the 6kW would be suitable for light use in a domestic sink for washing pots!

        What temperatures can be achieved with this water heater?

        This will depend on the water inlet temperature however this water heater is factory set to deliver >38C with flow rates of 1.7 to 3.3 l/min!

        Will this water heater supply a shower?

        No this water will supply a maximum of 3ltrs a minute not enough flow for a suitable shower supply!

        I have an open tap can I use this water heater?

        We supply the universal spray nozzle that can be fitted to all standard 22-24mm threaded or unthreaded taps, this water heater must be used with spray taps to work efficiently!

          Can you fit a UK 13amp plug to this instant water heater?

          No all instant water heaters must be installed by a competent electrician and for safety reasons they must be hard wired to a suitable power supply!

          What size cable do I need for this ES instant water heater?

          The 3.1kW requires a minimum of 1.5mm2, the 4.8kW requires a minimum 2.5mm2 and the 6kW requires a minimum of 4mm2!

          I have very high water pressure will this affect the performance?

          The ES range of instant water heater have inbuilt water stabiliser so they will regulate fluctuating water pressures ranging from 1 bar up to 10bar if you are unsure of your cold water supply pressure you can ask your water supplier to check this for you free of charge!

          I don’t have a mains water supply can I use this instant water heater?

          This water heater requires a minimum of 1 bar pressure. However if there are no mains water supplies you can use a header tank feed, this can be achieved with a cistern type water header tank giving a minimum head of 10 meters (33ft)!

          I have a problem with lime scale will this water heater be suitable?

          Yes the ES range of water heaters are suitable for hard water areas!

          Do you have spare parts for this water heater?

          We carry some spares for the ES range please call our sales team for any enquiries!

          What pipe fittings do I need for this water heater?

          All accessories are supplied however the pipe fittings are standard UK 15mm!

          Can I install this water heater in an outbuilding that is not heated?

          We do not recommend that this range of water heaters is installed in a room where it may be subject to freezing!

          If I have a problem with this water heater who do I contact?

          Zip has a customer help line number. Zip will also want to know when and where you purchased the goods from, if you have forgotten your date of purchase please call our customer services team and we will help you with all the information you require.
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