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Dual Fuel Towel Radiators

Dual Fuel Towel Radiators are the perfect addition to any family home, and it allows you to have cosy warm towels without wasting too much energy. The Dual Fuel Towel Rail is fitted with an electric solid plate, so it can be used independently if you want to or wish not to use the central heating system for towel warming.


Dual Fuel Towel Rail is a modern essential for your home. The beautiful chrome finish provides a surface to keep your towels, robes or shirts organized and warm. Switch between central heating or electricity by simply clicking the on/off button.

Continuous Heating

Our Dual Fuel towel rails use a thermostat to ensure a constant heat output and radiator valves, allowing the heat to be stored in the radiator for a more extended period. With a range of models available, there is a Dual Fuel towel rail to suit your needs. Dual Fuel towel rails are designed to provide gentle, constant heat to any room. With a concealed thermostatic control, there is no need for plumbing or expensive installation. The chrome finish and stylish design make this towel rail an ideal way to add class to your bathroom.

Towel Radiator

Choose from various sizes and styles, including curved and straight rails and soft or polished chrome or smooth white and black finishes.


The more significant range of towel rails from Dual Fuel includes various styles and sizes to suit almost any bathroom, from a wide range of categories consisting of chrome curved, straight, or white curved rails. The straight rails truly complement a modern bathroom, whereas the chrome curved rails combine elegance with ample amounts of storage space. The white curved rails are perfect for a more vintage feel.

6 Items

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  1. Matera Designer Towel Radiator In Situ
    Matera Designer Towel Radiator
    £151.20 £126.00
  2. Chrome Chisa Towel Rail Plain Image In Situ
    Prestige Chisa Chrome Designer Towel Radiator
    £285.60 £238.00
  3. Prestige Towel Radiator White Curved Dual Fuel
    Prestige Towel Radiator White Curved Dual Fuel
    £219.60 £183.00
  4. Prestige Towel Radiator White Straight Dual Fuel
    Prestige Duel Fuel Towel Radiator White Straight
    £201.60 £168.00
  5. Prestige Towel Radiator Chrome Curved Dual Fuel
    Prestige Towel Radiator Chrome Curved Dual Fuel
    £235.20 £196.00
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