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Finn Radiators

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Unique in design and with a capability to fit any space, the Finn Radiators are a truly revolutionary heating solution. They can be situated horizontally or vertically on floors and walls, a factor that greatly sets them apart from your traditional radiators on the market. Due to their slim profile, they can also be fitted beneath beds or behind skirting boards; the possibilities are endless. Many of our domestic customers tend to opt for Finns over your average radiator as they can be cleverly hidden as well as incredibly space-saving. For our commercial clients, they enjoy making a spectacle of the Finns whether to create an interesting, high-tech feature within their space or to obtain a rustic look whilst maximising comfort. The Finn Radiators are built to give background heating, or you can choose a Bull Finn which provides the same heat benefits as a standard radiator.

Manufacturing Process

Each Finn Radiator is made bespoke to your order and manufactured in-house at CNM Online. Interestingly, our manufacturing process includes an early 20th Century Centre Lathe. The Lathe was originally built during the Industrial Revolution to manufacture rollers and line shafts for the Cotton Mill Industry around Yorkshire and Lancashire. Now it is used to wind the steel ribbon around the body of the Finn. Following this, the Finn will be made central heating, electric or thermostatic in accordance with your order and the vents added. And finally, they are put on test for 24 hours before being sent out to you.

Available Sizes and Finishes

The Finns can be made in lengths varying from 400mm - 2000mm as well as custom sizes if requested, so they can fit even the most awkward of spaces. They make a perfect focal feature and can be supplied in Bare Metal Standard or Bare Metal Lacquered for a raw, industrial look. Black and White Metal options are also listed on our website for a stylish finish. Alternatively, if you want your Finn to seamlessly blend into your interior, there is a wide choice of RAL colours for you to pick.

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  1. Finn Bathroom Electric Radiator Salt & Pepper finish
    Finn Bathroom Electric Radiator
    £468.00 £390.00
  2. Pink Custom Colour Finn Central Heating
    Finn Custom Colour Central Heating Radiator
    £330.00 £275.00
  3. Red Custom Colour Electric Finn
    Finn Custom Colour Electric Steel Radiator
    £370.80 £309.00
  4. Finn Bare Metal In Situ
    Finn Bare Metal Central Heating Radiator
    £240.00 £200.00
  5. Black Finn In Situ Customer Photo
    Finn Black Central Heating Radiator
    £288.00 £240.00
  6. White Metal Finn In Situ
    Finn White Central Heating Radiator
    £288.00 £240.00
  7. Bare Metal Finn
    Finn Bare Metal Electric Steel Radiator
    £312.00 £260.00
  8. Finn Front Black Electric Steel Radiator
    Finn Black Electric Steel Radiator
    £370.80 £309.00
  9. Finn White Electric Radiator
    Finn White Electric Steel Radiator
    £366.00 £305.00
  10. Bare Metal Large Bull Finn
    Bull Bare Metal Standard Electric Finn Radiator
    £348.00 £290.00
  11. Black Finn Large Radiator
    Bull Black Standard Electric Finn Radiator
    £385.20 £321.00
  12. Finn Bull White Large Close Up
    Bull White Standard Electric Finn Radiator
    £385.20 £321.00
  13. Bull Finn Black Metal Central Heating Radiator
    Bull Black Metal Central Heating Finn Radiator
    £350.40 £292.00
  14. Bull White Metal Central Heating Finn Radiator
    Bull White Metal Central Heating Finn Radiator
    £350.40 £292.00
  15. Bull Bare Metal Central Heating Finn Radiator
    Bull Bare Metal Central Heating Finn Radiator
    £350.40 £292.00
  16. Bull Custom Colour Central Heating Finn Radiator Pink
    Bull Custom Colour Central Heating Finn Radiator
    £388.80 £324.00
  17. Bare Metal Thermostatic Finn
    Finn Bare Metal Thermostatic Electric Radiator
    £300.00 £250.00
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