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Electric Elements

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  1. REG Standard Towel Rail Element - Chrome Rail
    Towel Rail Element Standard - Chrome
    £56.40 £47.00
  2. Bluetooth Thermostatic Towel Rail Element
    Bluetooth Thermostatic Towel Rail Element Chrome
    £129.60 £108.00
  3. MEG Thermostatic Towel Rail Heating Element
    MEG Thermostatic Towel Rail Heating Element
    £74.40 £62.00
  4. KTX4 Thermostatic Towel Rail Element
    KTX4 Thermostatic Towel Rail Element
    £82.80 £69.00
  5. Chrome MOA
    MOA Thermostatic Towel Rail Element
    £78.00 £65.00
  6. Low Surface Temperature Thermostatic Element With Timer
    Thermostatic Element With Timer & LST
    £66.00 £55.00
  7. Eco Towel Radiator Element Temperature Control
    Eco Towel Radiator Electric Elements
    £69.60 £58.00
  8. Anthracite
    Heatpol Thermostatic Elements
    £76.80 £64.00
  9. Thermostatic Element
    Prestige Dual Fuel Kit
    £80.40 £67.00
  10. Chrome In situ
    Programmable One D Towel Rail Heating Element
    £96.00 £80.00
  11. Chrome
    Prestige Ecoradco IP68 Wet Room Element
    £31.20 £26.00
  12. REG Standard Towel Rail Element - White Rail
    Towel Rail Element Standard - White
    £55.20 £46.00
  13. VEO Smart Split Element
    VEO Smart Wi-Fi Black Element
    £285.60 £238.00
  14. Reg 2 Element Black
    Towel Rail Element Standard - Black
    £57.60 £48.00
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CNM Online has a wide range of bathroom towel rails, complete with the heating elements and valves that may be required for your fitting or repairs. Our products are excellent value for money, made from high-quality materials, and are easy to fit.

Heating Element

We offer a vast range of elements and valves for a wide variety of towel rails from leading manufacturers. All of our rail heating elements are British Standards approved and would be suitable for all UK bathrooms.

Our products come in fabulous and trendy styles and an array of finishes. Many bathroom accessories include matching our towel rail range.

Most electric towel rail systems will need an element, some control valve and all accessories. We can advise you what items are required for your circumstances.

Fittings and Repairs

In our range, we supply different timer and controllers’ models. These can be installed on an existing towel radiator and come complete with a warranty.

Timers are available for our existing range of towel radiators. Alternatively, building on our popular product range, you can choose from a selection of towel rails with built-in timers. Our range of timers is designed to operate in conjunction with our existing open, close or thermostatic valves.

Suppose you are looking to upgrade your bathroom with a new towel radiator, with the world's most extensive range of timers available on the towel rails page. We have models that are designed to deliver both performance and style.