Waste Chutes

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  1. Prestige Matt Black Waste Chute 200mm
    Prestige Matt Black Waste Chute 200mm
    £75.60 £63.00
  2. Prestige Waste Chute 100mm
    Prestige Sugatsune Waste Chute - 100mm
    £60.00 £50.00
  3. Prestige Waste Chute 80mm
    Prestige Sugatsune Waste Chute - 80mm
    £44.40 £37.00
  4. Black Matt slimline waste chute
    Prestige Waste Paper Flap Black Steel - 305mm
    £93.60 £78.00
  5. Prestige Sugatsune Square Waste Chute -108mm
    Prestige Sugatsune Square Waste Chute -108mm
    £28.80 £24.00
  6. Prestige Sugatsune Square Waste Chute - 170mm
    Prestige Sugatsune Square Waste Chute - 170mm
    £69.60 £58.00
  7. Prestige Sugatsune Square Waste Chute - 220mm
    Prestige Sugatsune Square Waste Chute - 220mm
    £62.40 £52.00
  8. AN-KH028-HL
    Prestige Sugatsune Square Waste Chute - 300mm
    £98.40 £82.00
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Waste Chutes allows you to conceal your waste bin inside a wall-mounted unit. They are available in an array of sizes and colours and can be adapted to suit the size of your waste bins. They also help to maximise floor space as they keep the waste bin out of sight.

These products are ideal for washroom waste disposal, which are often the most exposed and busiest part of any public building. When fitted with a waste bin, people know exactly where to deposit their rubbish, keeping your washrooms clean and free from unpleasant smells. Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, our waste chute systems are long-lasting and secure.

Practical and Convenient

Waste chutes are an efficient waste solution, ideal for narrow washrooms and toilets. Several different types of products are available, including swing flap units that cover the waste bin entirely, whilst the other offers an open waste disposal facility. Manufactured to perfection, waste chute systems are customized to fit your washroom needs flawlessly.

Improve your Washroom

Waste chutes are becoming more popular. Here at CNM, we offer an extensive range of classic and modern versions to suit your decor. Our products will help those using your bathroom to dispose of their used toilet roll quickly and hygienically. Our units are an efficient way to remove any unnecessary litter around your washrooms. They can be found in both public washrooms and private homes where space is tight. These units are efficient at disposing of toilet waste without blocking sinks, basins, or drainage systems. We offer all of our customers a wide range of different designs and finishes.

The Perfect Tool for Every Washroom

These products are the perfect tool for any commercial or public washroom. It also improves the general flow of your bathroom, allowing the user to dispose of their paper towel right beside where they used it. They are an efficient, compact, cost-effective solution when considering adding a paper towel disposal system to your washroom. They are a convenient and hygienic way to dispose of toilet towels, tissues and other materials that go into the washroom bin. When installed above your sink, the only visible part of the chute is the top lid which can also be used as a shelf for hand soaps, hand towels or lotions.

Our chutes are available in an array of materials, colours, and sizes to suit any installation.