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Recycle Bins

13 Items

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  1. Floor-Standing Dome Top Waste Bin 68.1L
    Floor-Standing Dome Top Waste Bin 68.1L
    £421.20 £351.00
  2. Floor-Standing Open-Top Waste Bin 49.2L
    Floor-Standing Open-Top Waste Bin 49.2L
    £249.60 £208.00
  3. Pedal Operated Waste Bin 30.3L
    Pedal Operated Waste Bin 30.3L
    £375.60 £313.00
  4. Internal Single Recycling Bins 60 Litres WASTE
    Internal Single Recycling Bins 60 Litres
    £103.07 £85.89
  5. Recycle Bin - Blue
    Prestige Recycle Wheelie Bin - 80 Litre
    £74.40 £62.00
  6. Recycle Bin - Yellow
    Prestige Recycle Wheelie Bin - 120 Litre
    £76.80 £64.00
  7. Recycle Bin - Green
    Prestige Recycle Wheelie Bin - 240 Litre
    £85.20 £71.00
  8. Wheelie Bin - Dark Grey
    Prestige Recycle Wheelie Bin - 360 Litre
    £141.60 £118.00
  9. Recycle Bin Green
    Prestige Recycle Wheelie Bin - 660 Litre
    £294.00 £245.00
  10. Recycle Bin - Red
    Prestige Recycle Wheelie Bin - 1100 Litre
    £319.20 £266.00
  11. Genwec Matt Black Bin
    Genwec Wall Mounted Waste Bin - Matt Black 23L
    £114.00 £95.00
  12. Genwec Under Counter Runner Waste Bin 20ltrs
    Genwec Under Counter Runner Waste Bin 20ltrs
    £196.80 £164.00
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CNM is dedicated to offering the highest quality products on the market today. Our commitment to environmental preservation goes far beyond our products. We make it easy to recycle all of your empty containers, packaging materials and hazardous waste. Our products are perfect for college dorms, the office or the home, and it helps to reduce litter, is easy to use and looks great.

Maintain a Cleaner Environment

These practical and appealing bins help contribute to a cleaner environment and show that we are committed to the cause. Made from strong, high-quality recycled plastic, these bins are ideal for worktops in offices, kitchens, and meeting rooms. Available in different colours, our products offer your organization an affordable way to promote environmental awareness and encourage recycling initiatives at your facility.

Make Recycling Easy

Our range of products are not just functional but are also designed for sustainability in mind. They can be recycled right along with your waste. Made from robust materials, they are built to last. Our products, available in different colours and styles, means anyone can now recycle.

Durable, stylish and designed for year-round use outside, our recycling bins are the best way to keep your environment clean and green. There's something for every indoor or outdoor space - from compact bins to large stations for sorting recyclables. They're also made from durable plastic that won't rust or bend out of shape. These products are designed to help you recycle your waste in style.

These bins are a necessity in today's day and age, the easiest way to make sure you are recycling correctly. Choose the world of recycling with our fully integrated products. Available in several styles and sizes, they are packed with features to make life easier, including larger bins that are collapsible for easy storage or storage space-saving compartments that hold more. We have everything you need to start recycling correctly.


Recycling is a necessary part of life, and it should be convenient. Our range of products can help you separate your waste to reduce its impact on the environment. Whether you're trying to improve your business processes and provide a more environmentally friendly waste disposal solution for your customers and employees, or just trying to reduce your office's carbon footprint and divert more waste from landfills, we can help.