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Baby Changing

With all of today’s hygiene and health concerns, our baby changing units offer a convenient and safe way to change your baby’s nappy whilst ensuring it is done as safely and hygienically as possible. Our units save time and discomfort for parents to look after their children’s needs quickly and efficiently.

Flexible Baby Changing Units

Our line of products is available in different configurations you can choose from, with high flexibility in using them. Designed to include an impressive level of detail, many of our changing units can be fitted in every space - all providing additional comfort and convenience for parents. The capability to customise your changing unit also means it will fit seamlessly into your existing bathroom.

Hygienic and Safe

These units are very easy to fit, usually with no need for specific access or power requirements. Be confident the unit you’ve selected meets our country’s hygiene standards. Our products are designed to bring you peace of mind without compromising on style, made with high-quality stainless steel materials that will surely match every bathroom design.

Our units provide a convenient and hygienic solution for parents who want to change their baby’s nappies in a toilet environment. The product is designed to be fitted to the back of a standard toilet cubicle door and is shaped to link into a doorway to maximise useable space. They are made from heavy-duty polypropylene, making them ideal for public washrooms.

The product design makes the best use of functional space and allows a clear view of the baby whilst they are being changed. Integrated handles make the unit easy to move around, and it can be cleaned using a clean wipe material. The parts have been manufactured from thermally insulated components using high-grade stainless steel, which is both solid and corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

Feature-packed, these baby changing units are an excellent addition to new or existing buildings with enough room to accommodate the unit. Designed to be as versatile as possible, they’re available in various sizes and can be installed into rooms with specific dimensions. We make sure to exceed industry standards for changing surface features, ensuring that when babies are changed, they are comfortable and safe.

Easy Installation

Some changing units have been known to be expensive and difficult to install, and however, ours are simple to install and affordable. In addition to affordability and installation simplicity, each of our units has a distinct design built for daily use.

Our changing units are available in various standard and modular sizes and bespoke designs to suit your specific requirements. We will make sure that your new piece of furniture fits into your washroom perfectly.

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  1. Koala Kare Horizontal Baby Changer Cream KB20000INB Front
    Koala Kare Horizontal Baby Changer - Beige
    £350.40 £292.00
  2. Koala Kare Horizontal Baby Changer Grey Front
    Koala Kare Horizontal Baby Changer - Grey
    £350.40 £292.00
  3. Baby Changing Unit Wall Mounted Vertical
    Baby Changing Unit Wall Mounted Vertical
    £370.80 £309.00
  4. Horizontal
    Baby Changing Unit Wall Mounted Horizontal
    £370.80 £309.00
  5. Genwec Vertical Baby Changing Unit
    Genwec Vertical Polyethylene Baby Changing Unit
    £330.00 £275.00
  6. Genwec Recessed Baby Changing Unit
    Genwec Recessed Stainless Steel Baby Changing Unit
    £1,635.60 £1,363.00
  7. BabyMedi® Horizontal Changing Station
    BabyMedi® Horizontal Changing Station
    £386.40 £322.00
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