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Combi Boilers

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  1. Ideal Logic Max Combi C24 Boiler Only
    Ideal Logic Max Combi C24 Boiler Only
    £2,640.00 £2,200.00
  2. Ideal Logic Max Combi C24 Boiler Only
    Ideal Logic Max Combi C30 Boiler Only
    £2,760.00 £2,300.00
  3. Ideal Logic Max Combi C35 Boiler Only
    Ideal Logic Max Combi C35 Boiler Only
    £2,880.00 £2,400.00
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A gas combi boiler is a device that provides both heating and hot water on-demand. While you're out, there is no need to switch it on manually; it only heats up when you need it to. You can also store warmth in the system to be used during peak hours. They are ideal for homes that want to reduce their carbon footprint.

The Perfect Boilers

Combi boilers are perfect for commercial buildings, primarily when the heat is provided by a central boiler room that includes heat for many different areas. The models have built-in controls to maintain the desired temperature in each space.

The ideal solution for modern homes is a system that works in various ways and in various situations. They can be used to power radiators or underfloor heating or provide domestic hot water on demand from the same unit. Whether you want to save on your electric bills or could do without running around trying to find a space for an immersion heater, this could be the ideal solution.

Modern Boilers

Today's combi boilers are more efficient than ever before, so you could expect lower fuel bills and reduced carbon emissions. They come with a remarkable level of efficiency and warranty, and you'll understand why so many homeowners choose a combi boiler for their home heating system.

They are an easy to install solution for providing reliable heating and hot water. Designed with optimum efficiency, they produce fewer emissions, less noise and heat loss than conventional boilers. They are versatile systems that combine electric or gas backup heating with domestic hot water production in one unit. Boilers are served by a network of connected pipes connected to radiators, underfloor electric heating, or even air source heat pumps.


Our products combine the benefits of a heating and hot water on demand system with mains gas, providing versatile and economical solutions for new installations or replacements of various old, inefficient boilers. They are designed to supply domestic hot water and central heating to your home. Their compact design is ideal for replacing older models or providing efficient central heating where space is at a premium.

It also offers a flexible and efficient way to heat your home. They combine the simplicity of central gas heating with the flexibility of a combi boiler, so you can use both radiators and underfloor heating to ensure all rooms are warm and cosy. They're usually quicker and cheaper to install than traditional systems so that you can save money on installation costs