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  1. Delonghi Fivy Replacement Thermostat Panel
    Delonghi Fivy Replacement Thermostat PCB Unit
    £96.00 £80.00
  2. Ebeco EB55 Thermostat
    Ebeco EB55 Thermostat
    £63.60 £53.00
  3. WIFI Timeguard
    Programastat WiFi Controlled Thermostat
    Special Price £72.00 £60.00 Regular Price £92.40
  4. Time Guard Plug-In Electronic Thermostat - TRT05
    Plug-In Electronic Thermostat
    £22.80 £19.00
  5. Ebeco EB400 Thermostat
    Ebeco EB500 Thermostat
    £108.00 £90.00
  6. Eco Towel Radiator Thermal Control Plate
    Eco Towel Radiator Thermal Control Plate
    £46.80 £39.00
  7. WiFi Thermostat Image With Co-ordinating Logos
    Smart Wi-Fi Electric Heating Thermostat 16A
    £100.80 £84.00
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Our goal is to convert your home to be more comfortable. Our room thermostats are the next generation in comfort capability, offering you comfort when you need it at a price that makes sense.

Save money and keep your home at a consistent temperature with a range of thermostats from CNM. Our range consists of models designed to replace existing devices meaning they can be installed quickly and easily, with or without installation service. Wireless versions are available for more flexible placement around your home and air-conditioned arrangements for use in more extreme climates.

Most Efficient and Economic

Our products are the most efficient, economical, and easy-to-install thermostats. When the remote sensor detects changes in surrounding air temperature, it sends a signal to the thermostat. It then adjusts the heating system accordingly to maintain your desired comfort level.

We supply and install energy-saving thermostats helping households to match their homes energy needs with their energy usage, saving you money. We offer products from the leading manufacturers and work with advanced alarm and security systems, ensuring peace of mind for every home we work with.

Our range is a matchless option for servicing, maintaining and controlling optimum indoor temperatures. Our series' ergonomic design and intuitive operation ensure a smooth and problem-free metering experience that keeps bills low and comfort levels high.


Our products reward you with lower energy bills because they only use your boiler when it is needed. So, if no heating is required, such as while you're out at work or asleep in bed, then the thermostat allows for this and saves energy. Install the device and adjust your heating, so it is only used when it needs to be, according to the temperature set by the thermostat. This will help you save money.

Programmable Technology

Our products are available with manual or programmable technology depending on your needs. Optical models have a traditional rotary dial for precise temperature control, while the digital models feature a large LCD for easy reading and automatic temperature calibration.

Our thermostats are used in homes all over the UK to control central heating, cooling and hot water systems to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Used in residential, commercial and light industrial settings, they are available in various styles to suit every application.

Our Programastat WiFi Controlled Thermostat is an intelligent device with built-in WiFi and web-based controls. You can easily change the temperature and setting from your smartphone and view energy usage info.