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Vented Water Heaters

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Built to be installed above a single sink and to provide instant hot water for one tap, our vented water heaters give you the power and flexibility you need to make your home convenient and cost-efficient. They come complete with controls and wiring pre-fitted, and we even do the plumbing work.

Electric Water Heater

A vented water heater provides the same hot water you've become used to but can be installed closer to your tap. Some models are compact enough for install on a kitchen worktop, while others are designed for under-counter use.

These devices are well-suited for those who only want the convenience of hot water on demand and don't want to rely on a tankless or solar hot water storage system. They typically take less than 15 minutes to install and can be used with existing (or new) cold-water plumbing. You have to fill it with cold water and turn on the switch. You'll soon be using a reliable source of hot water, all day, every day.

Available in different sizes, our heaters are designed for use with a single sink. They are fitted with controls that allow you to raise or lower the temperature required independently of the flow rate.

Instant Water Heater

With large capacities, you will never have a shortage of hot water for your needs. The single point of use water heaters allows you to adjust the water temperature precisely to what you need, whether boiling or setting out cold drinks for guests.

Our range of products is designed to deliver hot water to your home or business when you need it, helping to reduce wasted energy and up-front cost. The single point of use design provides the ability to maintain the ideal water temperature in your home or business, helping you save money on bills while simultaneously extending the life of your appliances. Extremely safe and reliable, our water heating systems will stand up to both domestic and commercial applications.

They provide energy efficiency, larger capacities and adjustability with hot water for your household or business needs.