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Patio Heaters

15 Items

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  1. RELAX DARK IRC IP55 Dark Heater 2.4kW
    RELAX DARK IRC IP55 Dark Heater 2.4kW
    £456.00 £380.00
  2. RELAX Glass Compact IRA IP 65 2kW
    RELAX Glass Compact IRA IP 65 2kW
    £592.80 £494.00
  3. RELAX Glass With LED Lights IP65
    RELAX Glass With LED Lights IP65
    £390.00 £325.00
  4. Sun Prince Heater
    Sun Prince Quartz Halogen InfraRed Heaters
    £180.00 £150.00
  5. sorennto
    Sorrento Outdoor Patio Heater
    £256.80 £214.00
  6. Rio Grande Outdoor Heaters
    Rio Grande Out Door Weatherproof Heaters
    £256.80 £214.00
  7. Heatstore Patio Heater
    Heatstore Quartz Waterproof Patio Heater - 1.5kW
    £226.80 £189.00
  8. Relax glass frame
    RELAX Glass Heater Frame - Black
    £290.40 £242.00
  9. Silver Frame
    RELAX Glass Heater Frame - Silver
    £290.40 £242.00
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Outdoor patio heaters are a stylish, convenient and practical way to heat your outdoor living space. From terraces to patios, balconies to conservatories, let our range of heaters turn your outside area into an extension of your home. If you want to relax or entertain in comfort all year round, then take a look at our full range today!

Our range of heaters allows you to direct heat where it's needed most. With a vast choice of designs, colours and styles to choose from, you can be sure to find a suitable model for you.

High-quality Heaters

We pride ourselves on offering a high-quality product that you can rely on in the garden and for commercial purposes. Our selection of garden heaters and outdoor patio heaters are a must-have addition to any property, featuring advanced safety features, meagre running costs, and durability.

We are pleased to give you a staggering collection of outdoor heaters. These are ideal for your garden or backyard at home or commercial locations such as hotel grounds, restaurants, cafés and sports fields. Our garden heaters come in all shapes and sizes.

Our collection is full of options, each one handpicked with your needs in mind. We’ve designed our collections to offer a wide range of styles and types to match all preferences and budgets, so you can easily find the ideal one(s) for your unique situation.

As a well-established garden heater distributor in the UK, we believe that a reliable and diverse range is a cornerstone of any business. Whether you’re an expert or a keen enthusiast gardener, we’ll have the ideal solution for you.

Easy to Use Patio Heaters 

Our range of infrared patio heaters is designed to give you plenty of choices. From low power garden heaters to industrial-grade patio heaters used in commercial applications, our range features some of the best electric infrared heating on the market today. We have everything that you need.

These heaters are the most efficient of all electric heaters, and they will provide more incredible warmth while using less electricity. The CNM heaters are designed for safety, power, versatility and durability. These heaters are cost-effective, easy to use, economical to run, and have repeatedly proven themselves in the most demanding environments worldwide.