Instant Water Heaters

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  1. Perfect 35 Instant Water Heater
    Perfect 35 Instant Water Heater
    £113.40 £94.50
  2. Perfect 50 Instant Water Heater Side
    Perfect 50 Instant Water Heater
    £119.40 £99.50
  3. Perfect 55 Instant Water Heater Side
    Perfect 55 Instant Water Heater
    £125.40 £104.50
  4. Hyco Wave Hand Wash Unit 3kW - HW3M
    Water Heater Hand Wash Unit 3kW Hyco
    £68.40 £57.00
  5. Triton T30i Over Sink Handwash Unit
    Triton Instaflow T30i Handwash Unit 3kW
    £64.80 £54.00
  6. Aquila Instantaneous Water Heater 9.6kW
    Aquila Instantaneous Water Heater 9.6kW
    £256.80 £214.00
  7. Redring Auto Sensor Instant Hand Wash Unit 3kW - 591015
    Redring Autosensor Instant Hand Wash Unit 3kW
    £108.00 £90.00
  8. Elson Commercial Instant Water Heater 3kW - EHW3
    Elson Commercial Instant Hot Water Heater 3kW
    £75.60 £63.00
  9. Zip Electronic Instantaneous Water Heater 11kW DEX12
    Zip Electronic Instantaneous Water Heater 11kW
    £568.80 £474.00
  10. Stiebel-Eltron Instantaneous Water Heater
    Stiebel Eltron Instantaneous Water Heaters
    £367.20 £306.00
  11. CEX Electronic Instantaneous Water Heaters Undersink Front
    CEX Zip Electronic Instantaneous Water Heaters
    £410.40 £342.00
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We supply a comprehensive array of water heaters designed to heat the hot water you need in your home. Different models are available to suit your needs, including under the sink, over the sink, vented, and unvented water heaters. They are built to last, with superior energy efficiency to provide you with affordable hot water solutions for years to come.

Our selection also provides endless hot water and are energy efficient. So whether you want to install one yourself or have us do it for you, we will help you find the perfect instant water heater for your needs!

Affordable Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are the most energy-efficient way to provide you with hot water. You will cut down drastically on your gas or electric bill by choosing the suitable model for your needs. Have instant hot water delivered directly to your sink, tub, or shower with our selection of heaters. You will also see that buying an instant water heater is less expensive than replacing older style, tank-based models.

High-Quality Water Heater

Our products are designed to supplement your existing heating system by replacing an existing one or installing it in a location that lacks this equipment. They can be installed either in-line or in-series with the flow to your fixtures and have all of the features you have come to expect from a quality water heater. They are affordable and dependable, heating the hot water as it flows through the system using various methods depending on which model you choose—a wise investment for your home or business.

They are also an environmentally friendly way to heat water, and they use as little as a third of the energy compared to a conventional tank water heater. Quite simply, they provide faster hot water and conserve both water and energy.

Cost-Effective and Safe

A reliable source of hot water when you need it most, they are built to last. They do not require additional elements to function, so they can even be used where temperatures drop too low for other storage tanks to work effectively. They are also a great way to lower your energy bills. They are ideal for emergency heating or give you hot water instantly without waiting for a tank of water to heat up.

Instant water heaters are the fast, efficient, and safe way to get hot water in your home. They can heat water more quickly than tank heaters and don’t require you to wait for a large tank of water to heat up before using it.