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Panel Heaters

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  1. Delonghi Fivy Aluminium Electric Radiator
    De'Longhi Fivy Oil Filled Electric Radiator
    £282.00 £235.00
  2. Dexpro Delux Eco Smart Digital Panel Heater 2kW
    Dexpro Delux Eco Smart Digital Panel Heater 2kW
    £108.00 £90.00
  3. Rointe Oil Filled Aluminium Electric Radiator White
    Rointe Kyros Oil Filled Electric Radiator White
    £255.60 £213.00
  4. Rointe Wifi Oil Filled Aluminium Electric Radiator White
    Rointe Wifi Oil Filled Electric Radiator White
    £327.60 £273.00
  5. Prestige Flat White Radiator In Situ
    Prestige Flat White Horizontal Double Radiator
    £164.40 £137.00
  6. Dimplex PLXE Panel Heater
    Dimplex PLXE Electronic Panel Heater
    £214.80 £179.00
  7. Dimplex Monterey Panel Heater
    Dimplex Monterey Electric Panel Heater
    £307.20 £256.00
  8. Dimplex Q Rad Panel Heater
    Dimplex Q Rad Electric Panel Heater
    £428.40 £357.00
  9. Dimplex Low Surface Temperature Panel Heater
    Dimplex Low Surface Temperature Panel Heater
    £439.20 £366.00
  10. Cube In Situ
    Cubo WiFi Plus Dry Radiator
    £283.20 £236.00
  11. Sunhouse Lot 20 Panel Heater SPHNE
    Sunhouse Lot 20 Panel Convector Heater
    £168.00 £140.00
  12. Delonghi Laguna Aluminium Electric Radiator
    De'Longhi Laguna Panel Heater
    £243.60 £203.00
  13. Levante Slimline Dwarf Wall Panel Heater
    Levante Slimline Dwarf Wall Panel Heater
    £123.60 £103.00
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The CNM range of Panel Heaters has been designed with a unique combination of technology and style ideal for high-performance heat output. With our range of different wattages, finishing styles and sizes available, you can be sure that we have a suitable model to suit your requirements.

Our products are the latest in high performance radiant electric heaters. They are ideal for providing supplementary or primary heat to domestic, industrial or commercial premises. Affordable, stylish and easy to install, these space-saving electric panel heaters are energy-efficient yet still offer exceptional performance levels.

Stylish Design

These panel heaters can be used to heat a single room and create a minimalist, compact and decorative room design. These panel heaters' stylish designs and functions make them quite popular in many homes, shops, and offices.


We are an established brand renowned for quality and design. Our specification of panel heaters provides high-performance heat output in conjunction with a modern and stylish look. We also partnered with the world's leading manufacturers to develop a comprehensive range of products to meet your heating requirements. We make sure to combine outstanding performance and comfort with a unique style.

Benefits of Panel Heaters

Our range can aid in reducing costs of heating bills while still providing the ideal level of cold room comfort. These electric panel heaters are incredibly economical, making them one of the UK's most popular electric heating systems today. Their warmth and convenience make them perfect for any living area. From the children's rooms to the bathroom, any room can be given a blanket of protection from the cold with this heater. A favourite amongst the whole range of our heaters is their ability to maintain a constant temperature throughout each room.

If you're looking for a cost-effective and convenient way of heating your home or business, our range of electric panel heaters has something for every room and every taste. They're so efficient and suitless, and they'll provide you with all the warmth you need to stay warm even during the coldest months of the year.

Panel heaters are perfect for home and office use, providing instant and precise heating with no moving parts to break down or wear out and require very little maintenance. With various panel models and sizes, we're sure to have a panel heater that can best meet your specific heating needs.


Electric panel heaters are ideal for small areas, such as bathrooms, cloakrooms, kitchens or conservatories. They are easy to install with no pipework required - simply plug them in, and away you go. So, whatever your heating needs are, be they the best electric oil heater or radiator, we have something to suit you. There is a heater to match every room in your house or office space from wall-mounted or freestanding, and our oil-filled radiators work even during a power cut.