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Tubular Heaters

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  1. Sunhouse Thermostatic Tube Heater
    Sunhouse Thermostatic Tubular Heaters IPX4
    £27.60 £23.00
  2. Prestige Tubular Heater Guard
    Prestige Tubular Heater Guard
    £22.80 £19.00
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We supply Tubular Heaters in various sizes, making them suitable for many applications. With the ability to heat smaller areas, they are ideal for garages, lofts, workshops, barns and sheds. The compact construction makes them great for use in cupboards. Featuring heat on both the top and the bottom of the element, these heaters are easy to install and mounted vertically or horizontally. We stock a range of tubular radiant heaters which are suitable for all types of domestic heating. These radiators can be used internally and externally and are ideal for warming up any small area.


At their most basic, Tubular Heaters are a cost-effective way of heating or protecting an environment from frost. They can be precisely aimed to warm up individual rooms & spaces, or the whole greenhouse if required. Tubular heaters may be added to existing heating systems, utilising air volume in circulation to distribute heat around the area while significantly reducing running costs.


These heaters can be installed in glasshouses and polytunnels for frost protection and to prevent condensation on heat-sensitive crops or for year-round use in orchards and vineyards to protect against harsh winter conditions.

As a heating solution, these radiators are excellent for conservatories, greenhouses and workshops where you can protect your precious plants from extreme outdoor temperatures and retain heat throughout the interior. Tubular heaters offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative to wired and plumbed systems and offer unprecedented heating coverage.

Ideal and Convenient to Use

Our range of tubular heaters come in a range of sizes, so you can always find the right one for you. Our products are compact and lightweight, making them easy to install in even small spaces. Our heaters are designed to suit all requirements – from smaller areas such as greenhouses and conservatories to more extensive, industrial applications.

CNM Tubular heaters offer a quiet, instant and controllable source of heat, which makes them ideal for use in various environments. They are incredibly economical; for an affordable price, you benefit up to 50% heating efficiency compared to traditional convector heaters.