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Infrared Heaters

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  1. RELAX DARK IRC IP55 Dark Heater 2.4kW
    RELAX DARK IRC IP55 Dark Heater 2.4kW
    £456.00 £380.00
  2. RELAX Glass Compact IRA IP 65 2kW
    RELAX Glass Compact IRA IP 65 2kW
    £592.80 £494.00
  3. RELAX Glass With LED Lights IP65
    RELAX Glass With LED Lights IP65
    £390.00 £325.00
  4. Sun Prince Heater
    Sun Prince Quartz Halogen InfraRed Heaters
    £180.00 £150.00
  5. sorennto
    Sorrento Outdoor Patio Heater
    £256.80 £214.00
  6. Rio Grande Outdoor Heaters
    Rio Grande Out Door Weatherproof Heaters
    £256.80 £214.00
  7. HLW infrared heater
    Victory HLW Infrared Heater
    £135.60 £113.00
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These infrared heaters are the perfect addition to any home. Featuring levels of adjustable settings, you can fit it into any room without taking up space. These solid and stable heaters also use advanced technology to emit warmth rather than hot air, meaning they’re virtually silent.

Comfortable and Warm Heaters

The heater doesn’t blow cold air directly around itself as other heaters and fans do. The infrared light reaches objects and people, rather than blowing warm air past them, resulting in the whole room feeling the warmth.

They can heat any room within its size yet are small enough to be placed in small areas. Great for use in a living room, these heaters will keep you safe in a power cut or when you need to warm up a room quickly. They’re easy to use, clean and maintain, and have a remote control for ease of use. They produce no moisture or humidity, so there is no condensation, making it even easier to manage your safety.

These products are designed with three beams of infrared light aimed at the wall behind the heater, with the intention of warming objects rather than the air. The result is a warm, comfortable but non-humid environment.

Stylish Heaters

Easy to use and stylish, infrared heaters offer a sleek and energy-efficient alternative to many conventional heating systems. Featuring a timer function as well as a three-stage thermostat, this heater is easy to use and the perfect accompaniment to your home.

These heaters work differently from other heating systems, as they release infrared rays, which warm up nearby objects and people as opposed to warm air. They also aren’t fan-operated, so don’t make any noise when heating a room. This heater is very efficient by heating the objects in a room rather than the air around them.

The infrared heater is safe, warm, efficient and cost-effective if you are looking for alternative ways to heat your room. These electric heaters aren't noisy like typical fans, and they're easy to install.

Protect your home or workspace with this sleek heater. Using infrared waves, the heater will warm the immediate area around it, saving you energy bills and allowing you to control precisely who is heated.