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Drinking Water Heaters

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  1. EBW25 Side
    Elson Boiling Drinking Water Dispenser 2.5kW
    £549.60 £458.00
  2. Catering Urn tap
    Swan Catering Urn Replacement Tap Black
    £18.00 £15.00
  3. Chrome Boiling Water Tap
    Bull Instant Boiling Water Lever Tap - Chrome
    £333.60 £278.00
  4. Gold Boiling Water Tap
    Bull Instant Boiling Water Lever Tap - Gold
    £381.60 £318.00
  5. Zip Hydroboil White
    Zip Hydroboil 3, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 25 & 40ltrs
    £1,122.00 £935.00
  6. G4 All In One Zip Hydrotap Polished
    G4 All In One Zip Hydrotap
    £3,960.00 £3,300.00
  7. Burco Manual Fill Electric Water Boiler 2.5l
    Burco Manual Fill Electric Water Boiler
    £141.60 £118.00
  8. Zip Econoboil White
    Zip Econoboil White Water Heater 3 and 5ltrs
    £818.40 £682.00
  9. Swan Catering Urn 8 L
    Swan Catering Urns Various Sizes
    £69.60 £58.00
  10. Burco Hand Wash Mobile Unit 10 Litres 5011832019158
    Burco Hand Wash Mobile Unit 10 Litres
    £783.60 £653.00
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One of the most popular uses for water heaters is to heat water in households. This is very important; without hot running water, life would be very uncomfortable. The most common heater found in homes is the drinking water heater. These units are generally compact and portable, making them a better choice for many homeowners who may want to move their water heater from time to time. Our range of products provides reliable, cost-effective hot water when and where you need it.

Safe Drinking Water

The best way to make sure your family is drinking clean freshwater is to filter or purify it at the source. Water heaters do a fantastic job of providing hot water for a household's everyday use. These energy-saving appliances offer a broad range of features and technologies that can help cut your energy bills and improve efficiency. These products are used to heat hot tap water for heating elements in coffee machines, tea makers, cup warmers or steam cookers.

Efficient and Convenient Water Heater

Our innovative range of electric water heaters incorporate technology that makes them efficient, convenient and flexible. We have a drinking water heater to suit all properties, from smaller models that take up considerably less space to our more extensive options that timers can operate.

They're a practical choice for small flats and can be installed in a kitchen or bathroom. They use less energy than storage heaters because hot water is used directly from the tank, which tends to have lower running costs.

We want to guarantee that you get the best quality water heater for your household. With models to fit every property size and price range, there's a product that's just right for your environment. Whether you're looking for hot water only, cold water only, or choose both options, fit with plumbing or fit directly on your kitchen sink, we can offer a solution for you!

Easy to Operate

Electric water heaters are the most efficient on the market, easy to install and operate. They can be operated via a timer to ensure electricity is only used when needed, keeping your energy bills down. So either you're looking for a compact and cost-effective instant hot water solution for your boat side cabin or an economical way to keep bills down in your holiday home, our drinking water heaters can keep you on tap all year round.