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Air Curtains

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  1. Maestro Air Curtain 3kW
    Maestro Air Curtain 3kW
    £121.20 £101.00
  2. Door Warm Air Curtain 3kW White Levante
    Door Warm Air Curtain 3kW White Levante
    £108.00 £90.00
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Air curtains are the ideal solution for retail shops or showrooms to create a cheerful space. Air curtains assure a reliable temperature throughout the shop and protect against outside temperature changes, meaning no more cold or hot spots.

An air curtain provides an instant heat source via a blast of warm air when customers enter your premises. This is perfect for creating a friendlier atmosphere and creating an extra sense of security for your customers. The air curtain is straightforward to operate and can be set up in minutes, and this is one of the most helpful ways to provide comfort to people when entering your property instantly.

Easy to Use

Like our powerful fans and portable heaters, our air curtains deliver a seamless flow of purified and comfortable air. These units include an air intake and discharge unit and a climate control system to help you achieve greater comfort at your establishment or wherever it is installed.

These products are used worldwide to regulate airflow differently in different locations or help keep a specified zone at a specific temperature. It can be used to close the energy-damaging gaps between a door and its frame, keeping cold air from entering a shop or showroom. Our range of products is cost-effective and energy-efficient as it is a device consisting of a motor-driven fan blowing inward across nylon or polyester fabrics stretched behind an open frame. The air curtain creates a stream of warm air around the entire perimeter. No additional heating is required as a result, which has a positive impact on energy bills and the environment.

Convenient and Beneficial Heating System

The air curtain heaters have a sleek, stainless steel finish that adds a touch of elegance to your commercial space. They are small in size and can be mounted on the wall of your shop front or restaurant. These heaters uniformly distribute the conditioned air over the workplace to maintain a comfortable temperature inside an enclosed area.

Air curtain heaters are mainly used to maintain the temperature of the building, and this helps in saving money by avoiding extra heating or cooling. With an air curtain, you can also save energy up to 30% compared to an ordinary heater. It comes with a remote control which makes it more convenient to adjust the temperature setting. There are different types of air curtain heaters available for use, and you can choose any option that suits your budget and requirement.

These devices help you save on energy costs by optimizing the flow of air. The installation is painless and quick, and they ensure durability and reliable performance for an extended time.