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Washroom Bins

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  1. Genwec Under Counter Runner Waste Bin 20ltrs
    Genwec Under Counter Runner Waste Bin 20ltrs
    £196.80 £164.00
  2. Myriad Black 25 Litre Waste Bin
    Myriad Black 25 Litre Waste Bin
    £70.80 £59.00
  3. Matt Black Waste Bin
    Bobrick Surface Mounted Waste Receptacle - Matt Black
    £1,269.60 £1,058.00
  4. Genwec Matt Black Bin
    Genwec Wall Mounted Waste Bin - Matt Black 23L
    £114.00 £95.00
  5. 50 Litre Waste Bin
    Brushed Stainless Steel 50 Litre Wastebin
    £222.00 £185.00
  6. Bobrick Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Bin 24ltrs
    Bobrick Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Bin 24ltrs
    £127.20 £106.00
  7. Recessed Waste Bin with LinerMate 48.3L Bobrick
    Recessed Waste Bin with LinerMate 48.3L Bobrick
    £433.20 £361.00
  8. Prestige Under Counter Waste Bin Brushed
    Prestige Under Counter Waste Bin Brushed
    £775.20 £646.00
  9. Prestige Under Counter Waste Bin
    Prestige Under Counter Washroom Waste Bin
    £638.40 £532.00
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For an ideal and hygienic washroom experience, we offer a range of washroom bins to meet all requirements. Our selection ranges from stainless steel to sanitary bins and other washroom bins in a range of different sizes.

Keep your Washroom Clean and Tidy

Our bins feature a range of simple components to maintain and are easy to empty, perfect for a range of disposable items that would otherwise create clutter and an unattractive sight. Adding a bin to your new cloakroom, bathroom or en suite will give you a clear view of the room and tidy up any sanitary equipment too.

These bins, which come in various styles, will make it quick and easy to dispose of items such as cotton buds, wipe packets and junk items. They are therefore essential for storing away spillage and reducing clutter in your bathroom. They're perfect for keeping the washroom free from litter, allowing you to maintain an attractive appearance.

Our products are designed to fit into most standard washrooms, providing you with a simple yet efficient solution for storing most disposable items. Our washroom bins come in a range of colours and styles - so you can choose the one that best suits your taste.

Hygienic and Classy Bins

Suitable for use as general waste, feminine hygiene products and health care waste, they offer a simple and hygienic way to store small items. Protective lids keep the contents hidden, keeping the room neat. With a wide range of finishes available that includes stainless steel and satin, there's sure to be one that suits your decor.

Whether you're after a modern looking bin or an attractive washroom storage solution that fits into your decor, our wide range of toilet bins come in all shapes, sizes and colours to suit any style. Ideal for sleek bathrooms, cloakrooms, en suites and kitchen areas, they provide the perfect storage solution for your items.

Our range includes wall-mounted bins, which are hugely popular in the design industry. Perfect for when insufficient space is available to place a full-size container, they're available in various sizes and colours to suit all tastes. All of our products are made of sturdy materials.

The Perfect Washroom Environment

Our products provide convenient waste disposal in homes, offices, universities and the workplace. They prevent unpleasant odours and germs without compromising on looks. They are designed to eliminate poor odours and keep your washroom looking spotless for longer. Our range of products will transform any bathroom into a hygienic and neat environment, keeping your premises free from unpleasant smells. With models that blend into any washroom setting, or ones that stand out with vibrant colours, our washroom bins come in various styles to suit any business' needs.