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Best Options for your Washroom

We offer a full range of supplies from essential soap to advanced dispensing systems at great prices. We specialise in washroom hygiene, and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and delivery. With a complete range of products and we will deliver to you the best of what is available.

Our range of equipment encompasses everything from paper towels and toilet paper dispensershair dryerstapsmirrors, air freshenersbaby changing items to sanitary bins, ventilation units, and other washroom solutions.

Hygiene Services

A clean and pleasant washroom environment is vital to your meeting, conference, training or event delegates. CNM products combine advanced washroom hygiene with style to ensure your rooms are up to modern cleanliness standards with the projection of a professional image. Our products are revolutionising the washroom industry. Our company's new line of products has been designed to meet the demands of today's busy washrooms and allow you to add your personal touch.

Styles and Features

The accessories, and even the consumables, in the range enhance the look and feel of the entire suite. Because these items are interchangeable, one CNM package can transform from the traditional style we all know and love to a bright and vibrant contemporary design.

We develop thoughtful washrooms where students, parents, and visitors can completely unwind or get ready for their busy days ahead. We design personalised solutions for your specific needs and location. With our ability to provide management services to a broad range of clients, we work to ensure that the combination unitssoap dispensershand-dryers, and even shower seats are installed in your house, school, or office are convenient, hygienic and elegant.

Importance of Washroom Design

Good washroom design is vital. Washrooms are used daily by staff and visitors, so they must be equipped with all the facilities needed for doing tasks such as washing hands. CNM Washroom provides you with the tools necessary to make today's washroom designs not only technically compliant but also aesthetically inspiring.

Our series is designed to provide spaces that meet this demand. With intelligent designs, these washrooms provide communal experiences in a user-friendly atmosphere. To elevate the comfort of users, our washroom products boasts various advanced facilities. 

The CNM washroom, with its modern and high-end design, takes this to the next level. This facility features a spacious and clean design for users and visitors alike.

Total Solution

Our packages provide a fully functional, highly affordable and reliable solution. Whether you're looking to add single or multiple washrooms to a site, our kits solution is a perfect choice. CNM products are brand new, well equipped and sustainable. CNM is committed to an ongoing program of improvements and ensures the highest level of service.

We provide equipment, supplies and services to the public sector, private businesses and organisations. We are proud members of the UK Plumbing & Heating Confederation (UKPLC) and the National Eczema Society Partnership for Children (NEUPC). We make sure to give our full support to our customers, from advice on how best to design your facility to delivery and servicing. We are proactive in our approach, delivering solutions that balance best practices against commercial demands.

Our professionals provide a discreet and efficient service. We can adapt to whatever changing needs that you may encounter. If you think that some of your products or services need changing, give us a call!

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  1. Jofel Inox Bulk Fill Soap Dispenser 900ml
    Jofel Inox Bulk Fill Soap Dispenser 900ml
    £39.60 £33.00
  2. Sigma Dual Roll Toilet Paper Dispensers Grey
    Toilet Roll Dispenser White Mini Jumbo
    Special Price £7.20 £6.00 Regular Price £14.40
  3. Toilet Roll Mini Jumbo x 12
    Toilet Rolls Mini Jumbo x 12
    £25.20 £21.00
  4. Toilet Roll Dispenser Mini Jumbo 8" ANGLE
    Modular Toilet Roll Dispenser Mini Jumbo 8"
    £16.80 £14.00
  5. Toilet Roll Dispenser Mini Jumbo 10" FRONT
    Toilet Roll Dispenser Mini Jumbo 10"
    £20.40 £17.00
  6. Modular Maxi Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser 12 FRONT
    Modular Maxi Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser 12
    £22.80 £19.00
  7. 4TTS-WB Multi Flat Tissue Dispenser
    Modular Toilet Tissue Dispenser Multiflat
    £15.60 £13.00
  8. Toilet Roll Dispenser Twin Roll - PL55PWB
    Toilet Roll Dispenser Twin Roll
    £19.20 £16.00
  9. Dolphin Stainless Steel Sanitary Bin 20 Litres BC980
    Dolphin Stainless Steel Sanitary Bin 20 Litres
    £265.20 £221.00
  10. Prestige Vertical Soap Dispenser 1200ml - Tilted
    Soap Dispenser Prestige Vertical 1200ml
    £54.00 £45.00
  11. Prestige Soap Dispenser with Inner PP Reservoir - PW884
    Prestige Soap Dispenser with Inner PP Reservoir
    Special Price £42.00 £35.00 Regular Price £52.80
  12. 550 Trombone Hinged Support Rail White
    550 Trombone Hinged Support Rail
    £66.00 £55.00
  13. Modula Spray Sanitiser Dispenser 900ml
    Modular Sanitiser Spray Dispenser 900ml
    £24.00 £20.00
  14. Modula Foam Soap 900ml
    Modular Foam Soap Dispenser 900ml
    £26.40 £22.00
  15. Nofer Recessed Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser 1200ml - NF03202S
    Soap Dispenser Recessed Stainless Steel 1200ml Nofer
    Special Price £86.40 £72.00 Regular Price £129.60
  16. Nofer Brushed Recessed Toilet Roll Dispenser - NF05204S
    Toilet Roll Dispenser Recessed Brushed
    £19.20 £16.00
  17. Prestige Vertical Soap Dispenser 1000ml -  PW1033
    Soap Dispenser Prestige Vertical 1000ml
    £27.60 £23.00
  18. Prestige Paper Towel Dispenser Large - Front
    Prestige Paper Towel Dispenser Large
    Special Price £25.20 £21.00 Regular Price £58.80
  19. Modular Liquid Soap Dispenser 400ml - PL10PWB
    Modular Liquid Soap Dispenser 400ml
    £18.00 £15.00
  20. Modular Sanitiser Soap Dispenser 400ml - PL11PWB
    Modular Sanitiser Spray Soap Dispenser 400ml
    £20.40 £17.00
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