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Choose the Perfect Bathroom for You!

CNM specializes in luxury design, constantly revolutionizing the industry to make your experience truly transformational. Our years of expertise guarantee nothing less than a masterpiece created by someone with an innate sense of what you need and deserve. We provide whole suites of fixtures to give your bathroom a completely new, consistent look with a massive selection of different types, from the bathroom essentials and furniture to everything that goes with it.

Our company has helpful bathroom range packages that contain numerous similarly styled bath fixtures. When installed together, these fixtures help give your space a new, consistent look. Our collection features over 20 similar items you can choose from to make designing your own. Our company has always been looking for ways to help you reach the perfect finish, so we offer a comprehensive range that considers specific needs such as water efficiency or size limitations and simply manages budgets.

Bathroom Styles

We bring our customers the highest quality suites online. With different products to choose from, our extensive range includes everything you need for your unique space. We offer a wide variety of bathroom furniture, basins, sinks, showers, taps, and toilets in a stylish contemporary to traditional style so that every homeowner's perfect dream bathroom awaits them. From vintage baths with luxurious bathtubs and deep soaker-style luxury chrome showers for a refreshing experience, right through to contemporary bathrooms suites that offer sleek curved designs that complement any decor. The bath line includes modern curved, square, round, oval, and L-squared baths. Basin units have elegant storage to suit any design scheme and luxurious cabinets in various colours and styles. We are fostering healthy lifestyles by focusing on the high class that doesn't compromise functionality – matching materials look marvellous but won’t corrode if they come into contact with water. We use high-quality materials such as glass, brass, ceramic, Vitreous china, etc., and we guarantee that our products have Superior Stain Resistance technology.

For home renovators and people looking to sell their homes fast, getting a new bathroom is one of the best ways to appraise a house. From replacing old, unhygienic baths and toilets with modern ones that offer plenty of space for all sorts of gadgets and keep up with current trends in decorating styles and layouts, CNM Online offers custom designs you can tailor yourself. Couple this with one of our stunning suites at affordable prices, including the best-selling quality shower brands. We are supplying you with an exemplary range of products to suit your family bathroom needs. We have everything you need to upgrade your bathroom. From baths in different sizes, colours, and designs to toilets that offer durability and lasting performance for busy homeowners, CNM offers a comfortable array of options. For those looking for a classic look with an old familiar feel or something entirely novel with tons of great features, we have different products to choose from.

Here we offer you the best interior design ideas for a modern look. Whether it's a bath, shower enclosures, or toilet, CNM Online will be able to help with all of these needs. Get advice from our professionals in the industry and gather inspiration for what you can do for your space. The remodelling process is never easy, but we can make it easier because we know precisely how to choose colours like black, white, matte, or chrome finish that impact moods and make bathrooms feel like luxurious spaces. Designing is much harder than people think because colour combinations need to balance out nicely. When designing them, not to make anyone feel uncomfortable or inferior in any way when inside their own home; this is why our specialists excel at evaluating different preferences.

Looking modern and getting the design will boost your mood. Remodel your outdated small bathroom to make it more romantic, comfortable, bright, and spacious. Choose CNM Online for a selection of new designs that are affordable in price but have high-quality material, so you will feel happy every time you see them in your room. Bathrooms can be boring places when they don't change with the times—something needs to be done about it or try something different! You deserve a product worth talking about when people come over to use the facilities. Purchase CNM online products because they are unique, versatile, attractive-looking qualities for any design—whether it’s contemporary, minimalistic, or classy!

Bathroom Furniture

We have a wide range of modern products designed to meet the demands of an ever-changing customer need. The installation process is fast and easy, without any mess or fuss. Our company offers new cabinets that are easy to clean and maintain, such as Wall Hung, Slimline, basin style, and solar designs that can fit into even compact spaces easily. Our expert team inspects all major specifications during the design phase, so you know exactly what materials you're getting for your investment - only quality craftsmanship.

CNM Online is just what you need to bring your space up to date. You can design the type of bath panels, enclosures, screens, or shower accessories that will suit you best, take care of the taps, toilets - everything at customizable pieces for your new bathroom, so it's fresh and clean. For renovators looking to build a new bathroom or for home sellers in need of a quick and sizeable renovation project, CNM Online supplies all manner of accessories, showerheads, shower kits, and shower trays in stylish designs. From striking showers with practical features to luxurious toilets that don’t take up all the space in your modern environment - we have everything you need to make even an old toilet look great.

Best known for its top-quality shower suites, CNM Online, is your go-to supplier of quality products. From traditional ones to updated contemporary designs, you're sure to find the perfect one for whichever decorating style suits your taste best. Build your perfect bathroom with our impressive collection of furnishings, which includes everything you'll need to create an environment you'll like spending time in. Since everyone starts and ends their days in the bathroom, it must be a place where you feel quiet, comfortable, and free of the worries of everyday life. It doesn't matter if you're remodelling, updating, or installing a completely new suite; we've got you covered. Available in a vast array of styles, from modern, fashionable bathrooms to classic, timeless designs. Please take advantage of various tools, such as our great ideas, from early inspiration through planning and shopping.

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  1. Washroom Storage Cabinet Stainless Steel
    Washroom Storage Cabinet Stainless Steel
    £534.00 £445.00
  2. Steel White Enamel Washroom Storage Cabinet
    Steel White Enamel Washroom Storage Cabinet
    £129.60 £108.00
  3. Matt Black Tumbler Holder
    Matt Black Tumbler Holder
    £19.20 £16.00
  4. Carina LED Touch Mirror In Situ
    Hudson Reed Carina LED Touch Sensor Mirror
    £230.40 £192.00
  5. Pavo LED Touch Mirror
    Hudson Reed Pavo LED Touch Sensor 1 Door Mirror
    £420.00 £350.00
  6. Lynx LED Touch Mirror In Situ
    Hudson Reed Lynx LED Touch Sensor Mirror
    £210.00 £175.00
  7. Black round Bath Screen In Situ
    Nuie Black Round Bath Screen
    £153.60 £128.00
  8. Lyra In Situ Mirror
    Nuie Lyra LED Touch Sense Mirror
    £238.80 £199.00
  9. Black Guest Towel Holder
    Blomus Modo Black Guest Towel Holder
    £72.00 £60.00
  10. Omega Matt Black Tap OM60515
    DANIEL Omega Basin Mixer Tap Matt Black
    £117.60 £98.00
  11. Omega Matt White Tap
    DANIEL Omega Basin Mixer Tap Matt White
    £117.60 £98.00
  12. Matt Black Fusion Tap
    DANIEL Fusion Basin Mixer Tap Matt Black
    £171.60 £143.00
  13. Matt White Fusion Tap
    DANIEL Fusion Basin Mixer Tap Matt White
    £171.60 £143.00
  14. Skyline Matt Black
    DANIEL Skyline Basin Mixer Tap Matt Black
    £312.00 £260.00
  15. Matt White Skyline Tap
    DANIEL Skyline Basin Mixer Tap Matt White
    £312.00 £260.00
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