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De'Longhi Merida Panel Heater

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Warranty: 5 Years
Delivery: 10 - 14 Working Days
  • Child secure mode, low surface temperature to avoid burns
  • Touch remote control included
  • Detector windows open
  • People presence detector
  • 24hr / 7Day programmer


    programmable heater available in three outputs from stock

    This heater can be set to come on and off at different times of each and every day with different temperature settings. This programmable radiator made by De'Longhi is supplied with easy to use remote control. The new curved element technology, allows a better hot airflow diffusion towards the inner room that diminish the stratification. The advanced electronics by Delonghi incorporate daily-weekly programming plus "Window-opening sensors", "Children safety function", "People presence detector" and much more! This Merida heater incorporates a dry stone heating element that stores and distributes the heat generated. The LED night switching "off function" allows a fine tuning of the heat given into the room, with a noticeable decrease in energy losses

  • Energy efficient, dry stone heating element stores the heat generated
  • Quality designer electric radiators by De'Longhi
  • Curved design allows a better hot airflow
  • Suitable for all rooms including the bathroom
  • Child secure mode, low surface temperature to avoid burns
  • Remote control stored neatly at the side of the panel
  • Aluminium panel for quicker heat transfer
  • Overdrive mode 2hr booster setting
  • Comfort mode responds to the user desired settings
  • Temperature drift is +/- 2 degrees
  • Easy comfort mode records and processes the user habits
  • Fitted with pilot wire to enable automation from an alternative room thermostat
  • Chrono mode enables the use of three pre-set temperatures
  • Antifreeze setting fixed at 7C
  • Night time setting keeps a comfortable temperature with reduced energy costs
  • Holiday mode setting for any number of days
  • Window open sensor automatically reduces the output to antifreeze mode
  • People presence sensor reduces energy waste with maximum comfort
  • Water resistant: IP24 (suitable for bathrooms)
  • Double insulated no earth wire required
  • 24hr / 7Day programmer

Additional Information


 CodePower (kW) Dimensions: H-W-D (mm)Weight (kg)IP Rating24/7hr ThermostaticHeated Area (m2)
02520650361.0580 - 650 -1001824Yes 11 
02520950351.5580 - 890 - 1002524Yes16
02520950342.0580 - 1130 - 1003424Yes22




What is the warranty of the Merida?

    5 years on the radiator and 2 years on the electronic components.

Can this heater be installed in any room?

    The Merida is IP24 rated suitable for every room in the home including the bathroom. The Merida is also suitable for commercial premises, conservatories, caravans the list is endless

Where is the Merida made?

    Delonghi is manufactured in Italy

Is the Merida easy to install?

    The Merida is supplied with metal wall fixings and can be hard wired or fitted with plug

What side is the power cable fitted?

    When the heater is fitted to the wall the power cable would be on the bottom right hand corner as you look at it!

Will the front of the panel get too hot to touch?

    The front panel will get very hot, however, the Merida has a child safety setting that reduces the surface temperature

Is the Merida Oil Filled?

    No. The Meridas are ceramic cored.

The Merida has many different mode settings what are they?

    Child Safety Mode

    When the children safety function is activated, the surface temperature of the appliance is lower than normal operation in the active mode (Comfort Night) to avoid the risk of burns caused by brief accidental contact. To activate or deactivate this function press the baby sign key on the remote control, when this is active the baby sign will appear on the LCD display. Please note when this is activated it may take up to 2hrs for the heater surface temperature to drop to a lower value.

    Holiday Mode

    If you are leaving the home for any number of days, it is possible to set up the radiator so that it stays in Anti-freeze mode during the period of absence. The heater will automatically turn on in the previously selected mode as soon as the pre-set number of days expires.

    Open Window Mode

    The open window function automatically detects the opening of a window which is present in the proximity of the radiator. When it detects a quick immediate drop in room temperature it will automatically go in to Anti-freeze mode. The heater will also detect when the window has been closed and will revert back to the previous setting. This mode can easily be activated and deactivated using the remote control.

    Comfort Mode
The comfort mode corresponds to the temperature desired by the user between 7C and 30C

    Easy Comfort Mode

    The easy comfort mode if selected detects every movement of people the heater records and processes the user habits and suggests the weekly program that best fits their needs. After one week of observation it generates a customized Chrono program that, if confirmed, is stored into the Chrono program P4 24hr/7 Day Programmer The heater can be set to come on and off at different times of each and every day with different temperature settings if required.

    LED and Buzzer

    The Merida is equipped with a multi-colour LED at the front of the panel that allows the user to easily identify the operating state of the radiator.

    Remote Control

    This panel heater is primarily controlled using the remote control for all functions. The remote control is stored neatly away at the side of the panel heater blending in with the panel itself. If the remote control unit is not preferred then this panel heater can easily be controlled by means of a "manual button" this is placed at the back side of the control box. The button is simply pressed for "standby mode", "comfort mode", "night mode" and "antifreeze mode" each mode will be clearly shown via the LED at the front of the panel.

    Presence Detector

    The Presence function automatically lowers the temperature set point to reduce the waste of energy, assuring the maximum comfort, by means of movement sensor which detects the presence of people in the room.

    Overdrive 2 hours
    The overdrive 2 hour can be used to heat the room very quickly. When activated the temperature set point disappears from the LCD. The heater heats the room to the maximum for a 2 hour period.

    Keypad Lock

    It is possible to lock the remote control keypad to avoid accidental modifications. Even when the keypad is locked, it is possible to wake up the remote control by pressing the standby key

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