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Glue Board Insect Traps

There are many different types of glue board insect traps available in the UK market which enables you to control or reduce the amount of insects in your home or workplace. Most glue board traps work on the same principle, using a visual lure to attract insects. These type of traps are the most discreet and blend into the home or workplace. Other insect traps use pheromones which are used to attract the flying insects. All the traps available on CNM Online are designed so that they do not harm animals or humans, with no impact on the surrounding environment.

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Visual Lure Traps

CNM Online for years have sold different visual luring traps which include the Fly Shield Insect Trap and the X Fly ranges. These traps are discreet, very stylish, and effective insect controllers. The Solo is ideally suited not only for the home, but ideal for small up market restaurants, reception areas, coffee shops, sandwich bars, and many other environments. Flying insects can be annoying in food establishments as well as unhygienic, making these traps ideal for this environment.

A cheaper but more space efficient insect control trap is the Easyzap Glue board which would be a good choice for smaller rooms. Our range of products also provides traps for larger rooms which includes stainless steel fly-shields, X-Fly 1, and 2 which uses an attractive blue light to draw the insect into the glue board, but on a bigger scale. The fly shield range of glue board insect traps can be wall or ceiling mounted, these type of traps are ideal for fast food outlets. We also stock the Ultra Trap glue board which is suitable for food preparation areas that require optimum hygiene levels around food.

We have a wide range of designer glue boards which include the Visu range which are a unique conception insect control that has been developed and designed in Europe. We also stock a range of wall mounted traps that will blend in with any decor and look just like a designer wall light, these are available from the Ultra-light decorative Pro, and the Ultra-light Fly trap ranges.

Pheromone insect traps

Chemical insect attractants are made using a pheromone to lure the insects to the traps. Pheromone insect traps are sometimes used in pest management programs instead of using pesticides that could potentially harm both animals and humans. The Red Top fly trap available in our wide range uses safe biodegradable bait which gets the flies before they get to you. This trap is commonly used in farms or close to rivers, dykes, fields or anywhere with a fly problem. Once placing the Red Top Fly trap away from the affected area, the Pheromone will then attract the flies away from this area and will trap the insects.