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Insect Control

You can buy Eco Friendly Electric fly killers which will get rid of unwanted flies, insects, mosquitoes, wasps and flying insects with our our massive range of fly killers. Our pest control is available to buy online, however if you are unsure of the most suitable fly killer for you then please call our team to ensure that you buy the right product for your requirements.

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2018 How to control insects?

Eradicating flying insects can be extremely difficult because they are so mobile and reproduce quickly. To best tackle this problem it has to be looked at from several different directions. Firstly we would suggest a measure to prevent flies from entering the property such as a door curtain or window screen.

A flyer killer on the inside of the house is then necessary to keep on top of any flies that manage to get through the external traps. As an additional measure would be to add an outdoor bait type trap which could be added to help prevent flies from getting into the property in the first instance. One of the most popular products we have is the Red Top Fly Trap.

Also when choosing your fly killer you need to take several factors into consideration, such as the type of flies that you are dealing with? What is the size of the area that you are trying to protect? Where do you plan to install the fly killer? Where are the flies coming from?

Most popular fly trap for fast food outlets is the Compact Fly Killer 15W White code F25CW

Most popular fly trap for outdoor use is the Red Top Fly Trap code RT-Fly-Trap

Most popular fly trap for fruit flies is the Fly-Shield 1 - 18W code FG1CBS-C

Most popular fly trap for cluster flies is using a combination of the Red Top Fly Trap outdoors and the T160 Fly Killer 60W code T160-60W

Different varieties of flies need to be addressed differently, smaller midge type flies or fruit flies may not be caught by electric fly killers as they are very small, therefore a glue board type fly killer should be used. Common house flies can generally be caught by both electric and glue board fly killers as they, along with most other flying insects are generally attracted to UV light. However this attraction only occurs after they have gained their sight after the first couple of days alive.

For small flies located in a smaller area it maybe easier to try some of the smaller ‘sticky traps’, such as fly papers. At CNM Online we have a variety of fly paper starter packs which would help eradicate smaller flies.