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Towel Radiators

The Best Heated Towel Radiators

Heated towel radiators are a must-have for anyone who likes their towels warm and dry after getting out of the bath or shower. They also help keep your bathroom neat, tidy, and comfortable all day long! Don't let cold winter mornings dampen your mood! With a heated towel radiator, you can quickly warm up any bathroom on those autumn days. Choose from our different styles and designs and range of sizes- we have something for everyone. There's no need to worry when getting out of the shower since everything will be as dry as possible.

We offer a wide array of finishes and designer touches for our premium towel rails, all ready to showcase in your bathroom. From traditional heated styles paired with elegant chrome heated towel rail accents to modern lines accented with simple details, we’ve got something perfect to display next to our brand. We have a variety of looks that suit any taste, from standard to premium designer lines. Find the perfect one for you.

Benefits of Heated Towel Radiators

A central electric heating towel rail comes with many conveniences. They are designed for running on the same system as your radiators in your home. This means you can have an electric towel rail installed in whichever bathroom doesn’t already have a radiator or if you want to keep them separate. If space is limited, choose our dual fuel option so that your room heats up quickly when running on central heating and costs less using just electricity!

Dry towels are just one thing you'll care about when it comes to an understanding of why heated towel rails can offer so much convenience. Heat waves that emanate from this type of product help remove mould spores and bacteria, and heated racks will extend the life of your towels. Our company is designed for availability and customization with adjustable heat solutions to suit your needs. Choose between our different styles (standard, electric, dual-fuel, traditional, designer, and low surface temperature), enjoy unlimited usage days per month, and start experiencing clean, dry, perfect towels on demand!

The Siena Polished is one of the best we've got, and it's cost-effective too! With a stainless steel finish and an adjustable thermostat, you'll never again have to deal with mouldy-smelling towels. You don't want wet towels at your feet when you step out of the shower; be refreshed with warmth instead! The hot temperature will evaporate any moisture from your towels, and that awful smell will disappear like magic - plus, the towels will last for years and years without shrinking or piling up stains. Dry off in style with personalized heating system units made just for you.

Heated towel rails, traditionally experienced as a luxury item, are now a significant component in most bathrooms, upgrading your space and creating a practical yet aesthetic centerpiece. A bathroom radiator not only enhances the appearance of any bathroom but also serves the functional purpose of warming your towels.

Conventional Towel Rails

Traditional towel rails are a stylish and practical way to heat your bathroom. We offer an extensive range of products, meaning there's something for every taste and style. Towel radiators are specifically designed to ensure that you have a warm bathroom. Each rail is built specifically for the bathroom, offering multiple models of standard towel radiators.

Our towel rails are ideal for heating as they do not need a column to help you keep warm. They work on their own, and with the higher wattage of most, they can heat a larger space effectively.

Installing your Towel Radiator

Our products of a high-quality range are suitable for installation in any home. The option to choose the type and size of your products and settings, such as heating time or heat outputs, gets the perfect equipment for every home's bathroom heating needs - whether the space is large or small, old or new.

Achieve hassle-free installation by choosing one of our quick-release brackets, which are compatible with most brands; get it safely secured without damaging any walls thanks to innovative design features like angle adjustment clamps that let you quickly lock rails into place or separate them at will. We cater to an electric towel rail with an immersed heater that offers heat on-demand, reducing the need to run your central heating. Our system provides both capacity control and remote energy usage monitoring while giving you peace of mind; you’re in control of your heating bills.

Heated towel rails are simple to install and come in various sizes and styles to suit your taste. Our selection also includes options for control panel features that will give you the power to create customized heating settings when needed. All you need is one touch of a button! Designed for years worth of heavy use, these sturdy units won't show signs of wear even after many years, thanks to our high-quality materials and construction techniques.

Electric Elements and Accessories

CNM Online is where to go for all of your needs, from towel rail accessories to heating elements. We also carry timers like the Programmable Controller, Thermostatic Element, and Remote Control. These are perfect if you're looking to install one on an existing radiator or want our help out by providing some ready-made ones with leading technology built right in - no need for bulky equipment at this end either.

Within our range, we supply timers that can be installed on existing traditional style towel radiators. Our timer designs are perfect for an environment with tight budgets and lower water pressure. We offer a range of valves for electrical fittings or repairs, with the product being available in either black or white. We design the most compact, durable timers for any budget or application, so your installation is worry-free. The range of electric elements and valves at our store can be used for repairs or replacements. Hence, there's no need to worry about running out again!

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  1. Contemporary TRV Angled Valves Metal Grey
    Contemporary TRV Angled Valves - Metal Grey
    £38.40 £32.00
  2. Contemporary TRV Angled Valves Black Nickel
    Contemporary TRV Angled Valves - Black Nickel
    £55.20 £46.00
  3. Anthracite Angled
    Prestige Portland Valves Angled - Anthracite
    £22.80 £19.00
  4. Chrome Angled
    Prestige Portland Valves Angled - Chrome
    £20.40 £17.00
  5. Chrome Straight
    Prestige Portland Valves Straight - Chrome
    £20.40 £17.00
  6. White Angled
    Prestige Portland Valves Angled - White
    £22.80 £19.00
  7. White Straight
    Prestige Portland Valves Straight - White
    £22.80 £19.00
  8. Chrome Angled
    Prestige TRV Chrome Angled Valves
    £37.20 £31.00
  9. Enzo Manual Valves ANTIQUEBRASS
    Bull Traditional TRV Angled Valves Chrome
    £86.40 £72.00
  10. Enzo Manual Valves ANTIQUEBRASS
    Bull Traditional TRV Valves Antique Copper
    £86.40 £72.00
  11. Troisi Towel Radiator (BTU's 708)
    Troisi Towel Radiator
    £235.20 £196.00
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