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Waste Bins

Waste Bins for all your Needs

CNM has hundreds of bin types and styles to choose from, and we set out to cater for all of our customers' general waste needs. Whether you need a small and functional internal or a large and more decorative external one, we have it on offer here.

Choose from smaller, more compact designs that fit your home's tighter spaces or bigger versions that complement your warehouse or office environment.

Our extensive range of bins has options that will match your needs perfectly. The large open top versions are designed to be used in public areas where people will need easy access, whilst smaller closed versions can be used in toilets or staff areas for recycling purposes.

We stock a wide range of commercial recycling bins for sale for business and domestic use. We have a large selection of different colours and materials to choose from.

Indoor and Outdoor Bins

Waste bins are available in various shapes, colours and sizes. There is a waste bin for each room in your home. These intelligent design cans are made of high-quality material with unique anti-bacterial properties. With removable lids for quick disposal of garbage, most are easy to clean even indoors, too.

Those living in large households can keep them organised and neat by investing in a waste bin. The washroom bin and kitchen bin are essential for anyone who finds the household waste bin too big and cumbersome. You can look at recycling bins or those with a handy lid.

Our recycling and pedal bins are a smart way to keep your outdoor areas tidy, helping you to comply with council regulations and to recycle more. Designed for sustainable living – from schools to parks – they also fit local authority requirements.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, these recycling bins are another innovative way to help the environment. They’re a great way to promote recycling and litter reduction. Our sturdy containers resist rusting, impact damage and environmental stress and feature a textured finish that is easy to clean.

Recycling Bins

Recycle your waste and save energy with our range of recycling bins. Some bins have a clear surface option so you can quickly identify which items it is suitable for, and a wide opening makes it easy to place your rubbish in the correct recycling bins.


Our range of waste bins is designed to fit in with your modern home. These discreetly designed waste chutes can be hidden out of seen - either under your kitchen worktop or behind a sofa. Made from high-quality materials, they have an excellent finish that contrasts beautifully with our other home designs products.

They contain no odour. Ideal for use around the house, the built-in handles make them easy to lift and carry. These spacious, sleek and elegant bins help keep clutter to a minimum with their slim profile and smooth curves.

Our range of pedal bins offers a sleek and stylish solution to keeping your kitchen, bathroom, home or office clean. Each compartment is designed with a lid that can be opened with a press of a foot pedal, making it easy to keep your bin clean and eliminate the chance for germs and bacteria to spread around the home/workplace.

They come in a variety of colours and shapes. They are fitted with a control pedal to help open the lid, which means you can open them with your foot while carrying your rubbish. Our pedal bins will make it easier for you to keep on top of any bin duty, no matter how active you are.

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  1. Recycle Bin - Blue
    Prestige Recycle Wheelie Bin - 80 Litre
    £74.40 £62.00
  2. Recycle Bin - Yellow
    Prestige Recycle Wheelie Bin - 120 Litre
    £76.80 £64.00
  3. Recycle Bin - Green
    Prestige Recycle Wheelie Bin - 240 Litre
    £85.20 £71.00
  4. Wheelie Bin - Dark Grey
    Prestige Recycle Wheelie Bin - 360 Litre
    £141.60 £118.00
  5. Recycle Bin Green
    Prestige Recycle Wheelie Bin - 660 Litre
    £294.00 £245.00
  6. Recycle Bin - Red
    Prestige Recycle Wheelie Bin - 1100 Litre
    £319.20 £266.00
  7. Matt Black Waste Bin
    Bobrick Surface Mounted Waste Receptacle - Matt Black
    £1,269.60 £1,058.00
  8. Genwec Under Counter Runner Waste Bin 20ltrs
    Genwec Under Counter Runner Waste Bin 20ltrs
    £199.20 £166.00
  9. Prestige Antique Brass Waste Chute 200mm
    Prestige Antique Brass Waste Chute - 200mm
    £75.60 £63.00
  10. Myriad Black 25 Litre Waste Bin
    Myriad Black 25 Litre Waste Bin
    £75.60 £63.00
  11. Prestige Surface Mounted Bin Frame - WP146-1/DP5604
    Prestige Bin Flap/Frame Surface Mounted
    £146.40 £122.00
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