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LST Towel Rail

Prestige Low Surface Temperature Towel Radiators

Setting the Benchmark by Passing Stringent BSRIA, UK Standards


We are one of the few companies in UK that have received a certificate by meeting stringent standards set by BSRIA, UK. These standards have been set for towel radiators that claim to maintain low surface temperature and keep it under 43OC. Here, we will give you an insight into main features and benefits of our Low Surface Temperature Towel Radiators, provide details of surface temperature tests that have been performed by BSRIA, and answer a few of the questions people may have about our Low Surface Temperature Towel Radiators.

An Insight into Prestige Towel Radiators - That Meet UK Standards for Low Surface Temperature Towel Radiators.

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Posted By Jessica Simpson

The Affordable Washroom Collection

Our Affordable Washroom range is striking in design yet simple in functionality and a janitor’s dream as they’re easy to refill and maintain.

This particular range is perfect for smaller washrooms for the price conscious buyer, when washrooms need to be functional, durable and long lasting. Excel products look professional, work time after time and are excellent value, according to our customer reviews. Within this range we have the following products detailed below, including our refill products such as our cartridge soap refills and our Toilet Tissue & Paper Towel refills.


10% off to all customers who purchase all items featured in this blog!

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Posted in Product Collections By Jess Simpson

Prestige Wet Room Electric Towel Radiator

We are all well aware water and electricity do not mix, and because of this, many people simply dismiss the idea of using electric towel rails in their bathroom, despite their ability to keep your towels fluffy and warm ready for when you step out of the shower. But  consumers needn't worry, especially when purchasing an electric towel rail with a rating of IP67 - a safe purchase for any wet zone. This blog will explore the features, specifications and IP ratings you should be looking at when purchasing an electric towel radiator, as well as frequently asked questions to help you make a safe investment. Let's start with the basics: what is an IP rating?

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Posted in Hints and Tips By Arturs Nikitins

BTU Calculator

A British Thermal Unit (BTU) is a measure of heat output from a radiator. Depending on specific factors of a room such as: it’s size, the insulation, the number of windows in the room and if they’re double glazed or not - with these things in mind you’ll be able to calculate the amount of power needed to heat your room. If you have a higher BTU requirement, you may have to use more than one radiator to deliver the heat you’ll need. Alternatively, the total BTU output of several smaller radiators may meet your needs.

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Posted in Hints and Tips By CNM Online

If you find that your radiator remains cool at either the top or the bottom as it is heating up, you may have trapped air within it. To release this air, you’ll have to bleed the radiator. This is a fairly easy job, and requires just a few tools which you should already have. If you find that more than one of your radiators is having the same problem, or that once they’ve been bled they still aren’t working efficiently, it may be a bigger problem. Read step-by-step guide on how to bleed a radiator.

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Posted in Hints and Tips By polly pospelova

lancaster lane primary school winners

At the end of last year CNM Online ran a competition for schools nationwide a chance to win £1,000 worth of washroom equipment. We dropped off the prize to the overall winners last week.

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Posted in Competitions By CNM Online

tower bridge


Tower Bridge has ordered CNM's new Tower Soap Dispensers 

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Posted By Tom Rushton

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