The Affordable Washroom Collection


Our Affordable Washroom range is striking in design yet simple in functionality and a janitor’s dream as they’re easy to refill and maintain.

This particular range is perfect for smaller washrooms for the price conscious buyer, when washrooms need to be functional, durable and long lasting. Excel products look professional, work time after time and are excellent value, according to our customer reviews.

Within this range we have the following products detailed below, including our refill products such as our cartridge soap refills and our Toilet Tissue & Paper Towel refills.


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What products are included within this range?


BC528W - Paper Towel Dispenser Dolphin Plastic.

The Dolphin paper towel dispenser is a high impact dispenser and lockable at the top. The ergonomic dispenser is hinged at the bottom for easy access and replenishing of paper towels. This unit has a capacity to hold 400 C-fold / 600 multi-fold which are also available to buy with us. Ideally suited for internal work areas with a lower footfall and demand.

Quick Code: 12668

Paper Towels available –

CNM65 (Available in White, Green or Blue)


BC337W- Dolphin Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser.

The Dolphin Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser is a lockable dispenser that hinges at the bottom for easy access. Designed to hold one jumbo toilet roll with a maximum diameter of 310mm & a maximum Core Diameter of 2.25’’ or 3’’.

Compatible with our Jumbo Toilet Rolls CNM71.

Quick Code: 19544

Jumbo Toilet Rolls available –

CNM71 (x6 rolls within one pack)


BC981- Dolphin Plastic Sanitary Bin 25 Litres.

The Dolphin Slim-line sanitary bin is ideal for busy washroom applications. This sanitary bin has been designed with easy hygienic bag filling/replacement and is pedal operated for hands free use. A smooth easy clean hygienic surface perfect for any washroom.

Pedal operated sanitary bin for hands free use, air tight lid mechanism with a smooth easy clean hygienic surface!


Quick Code: 13030



BC233 / BC235 / BC234 - Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill Soap Dispenser1000ml

 Our Dolphin bulk fill wall mounted Soap Dispenser suitable for all types of liquid hand soaps, quick and easy installation, ideal for busy commercial washroom applications! Uses standard liquid hand soaps & foams including Anti-bacterial, Alcohol Gel, Luxury Foam Soap & Anti-bacterial Foam Soap, (max 70% alcohol content).

Very popular soap dispenser, ideal for schools, hotels, fast food outlets, or any other commercial washroom that demands heavy duty use!

We have three different codes for this item as detailed above, the code is dependent on which soap/foam you wish to fill it with.



Please see below table…


2ml Soap Pump

-Bulk Fill Soap only

-Lotion or Soap

Suitable for regular liquid soaps with or without grit, alcohol-gel, shampoo, hand cream and sanitizers.









0.8ml Foam Pump

-Bulk Fill Foam only

-Foam Soap


Suitable for foaming soaps with or without alcohol content.




Cartridge Fill

-Cartridge Fill

-Foam Soap & Liquid Soap

Anti-Bac Soap Cartridge Dispenser. Available soap types – cartridge fill liquid soap, cartridge fill foam soap.






*Please note this is the same dispenser just different pump sizes and filling*


Quick Code: 19952


BC528  BC337  BC981 bc233 bc233


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