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De'Longhi Laguna Panel Heater

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Warranty: 5 Years
Delivery: Next Working Day
  • Keypad manual control
  • Aluminium panel for quicker heat transfer
  • Suitable for all rooms including the bathroom


    Energy efficient, dry stone heating element available in three outputs

    New Energy efficient, dry stone heating element that stores the heat generated and with the new curved element technology that enhances a better hot airflow diffusion towards the inner room that diminish the stratification. This programmable radiator made by De'Longhi is manual operated with keypad touch control buttons. The advanced technology electronics incorporate daily, weekly programming, Children safety function, Chrono mode, Antifreeze mode, 2 hour booster mode and Night time setting that keeps a comfortable room temperature with reduced energy costs

  • Supplied with a remote to enable you to set up your desired mode settings
  • Energy efficient, dry stone heating element stores the heat generated
  • Curved design allows a better hot airflow
  • Child secure, low surface temperature to avoid burns
  • Key pad lock to prevent accidental modification
  • Aluminium panel for quicker heat transfer
  • Suitable for all rooms including the bathroom
  • Comfort setting corresponds to user desired temperature
  • Temperature drift is +/- 2 degrees
  • Antifreeze setting fixed at 7C
  • Night time setting keeps a comfortable temperature with reduced energy costs
  • Fitted with pilot wire to enable automation from an alternative room thermostat
  • Water resistant: IP24 (suitable for bathrooms)
  • Double insulated no earth wire required
  • 24/7hr timer

Additional Information


 CodePower (kW) Dimensions: H-W-D (mm)Weight (kg)Remote Control24/7hr ThermostaticHeated Area (m2)
02520650221.0580 - 600 -10018YesYes 11 
0252090211.5580 - 840 - 10025YesYes16
02521250192.0580 - 1080 - 10033YesYes22




What is the warranty of the Laguna?

    5 years on the radiator and 2 years on the electric components.


Can this heater be installed in any room?

    The Laguna is IP24 rated suitable for every room in the home including the bathroom. The Laguna is also suitable for commercial premises, conservatories, caravans the list is endless


Where is the Laguna made?

    Delonghi is manufactured in Italy


Is this heater easy to install?

    The Laguna is supplied with metal wall fixings and can be hard wired or fitted with plug


What side is the power cable fitted?

    When the heater is fitted to the wall the power cable would be on the bottom right hand corner as you look at it! Please note this heater is "double insulated" so it does not require earth wire connection. Please note if the pilot wire is not required terminate and insulate the wire, this wire should never be connected to the earth wire connection on a fused spur or plug!


Will the front of the panel get too hot to touch?

    The front panel will get very hot, however, the Laguna is equipped with a child safety setting that reduces the surface temperature. This safety mode is activated easily by pressing the + (plus) and - (minus) buttons together


The Laguna has different mode settings what are they?


    Child Safety Mode


    When the children safety function is activated, the surface temperature of the appliance is lower than normal operation to avoid the risk of burns caused by brief accidental contact. To activate or deactivate this function press the + and - keys together and hold them down until the baby sign on the remote control LCD display appears. Please note when this is activated it may take up to 2hrs for the heater surface temperature to drop to a lower value.


    Comfort Mode


    The comfort mode corresponds to the temperature desired by the user. The user can set different temperatures over a 24 hour period for each day of the week


    Manual Control


    This panel heater is controlled using the touch pad control panel on the top right hand side of the heater for all functions. Here the user can select from 5 different mode settings which allows the user to heat the room in the most efficient way to their needs. An icon on the LCD display will display the selected operating mode. It is also possible to lock the this keypad to prevent any accidental modification of the set temperatures


    Overdrive 2 hours
    The overdrive 2 hour can be used to heat the room very quickly. When activated the temperature set point disappears from the LCD. The heater heats the room to the maximum for a 2 hour period.


    Keypad Lock


    It is possible to lock the touch keypad to avoid accidental modifications. To activate this setting press the mode button and plus key together and a key symbol will appear, to deactivate use the same proceedure.

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